Area high school students spent Thursday learning of the many career opportunities that exist here at home. The Altona and District Chamber of Commerce once again partnered with W.C. Miller Collegiate for the 2019 Local Career Showcase and Post Secondary Day.

Grade 11 student, Stas Sakhnenko, used the day to discover the local employment options that await following graduation and if any of those opportunities required post-secondary education.

"I know some kids have doubts about having a job in Altona...but there are a lot more opportunities and these days show that there's a lot more to Altona than what seems on the surface," he said.

Jovannie Plett is in grade 12 and is new to the area. He says the showcase allowed him, in a way, to explore the area.

"You get to see all the people, all the community and all the people representing (it), and it's pretty this is like my map," he explained.

Students from W.C. Miller and MCI in Gretna attended the event which featured a combination of speaker sessions and booths highlighting local businesses and career opportunities, as well as colleges and universities from across the province and beyond.

Stas Sakhnenko and Jovannie Plett participated in Thursday's showcase.