The weather has proved to be a challenge for farmers trying to get this year’s crop in the bin, much of the crop is coming off in tough, damp condition.

Aeration fans and grain dryers are working overtime to get that crop in condition for storage.

Keith Morin is Director of Propane with Federated Co-operatives Limited and says while he can’t give specific numbers, demand for propane has been strong.

“In considering the grain drying and propane demand, it’s less than it was last year, which was really an unprecedented year; and certainly the busiest we’ve seen in decades. This year is certainly above average but not quite as busy as last year.”

Morin says in preparation for the demand this year they added drivers and strategic storage facilities so drivers didn’t have to return to a central hub to reload.

He notes they also brought in additional trucks and a few semis that have a larger storage capacity for delivery to the larger farms.