The province has completed its crop disease survey for 2021.

Manitoba Agriculture pathologist David Kaminski commented on canola.

"One of the diseases that is traditionally a problem for Manitoba is sclerotinia stem rot, also known as white mould in the other crops that are susceptible. It is the most substantial reduction. We saw virtually none this year."

Kaminski notes blackleg prevalence and severity was also down this year. He says the survey also showed no new cases of clubroot.

Disease in wheat was also low.

"In wheat, we see both foliar diseases and fusarium head blight. The latter is the one we're usually most concerned about. In 2020, we found it in a third of the fields. This year we have found it in less than one per cent of the fields."

Kaminski also commented on soybeans.

"We almost always see bacterial blight and soybean brown spot, with pretty high prevalence. For instance, in 2020, bacterial blight took the lead with 92 per cent of the fields surveyed and brown spot was found in 80 per cent of the fields. Not at really alarming intensity but still it was there. In our results so far from this year, we see more brown spot than bacterial blight, but brown spot is in a quarter of the fields and the severity is even less than last year."