It’s swimming lesson season in the Pembina Valley. While Carman swimming lesson registration is underway, Winkler, Morden and Altona swimming lessons begin in the following weeks (scroll to bottom for community swimming lesson registration details). 

Meg Dias is the City of Winkler Recreation Programmer, and says this time of year is an exciting time. 

“All of a sudden you can feel a buzz of activity of people, whether it's baseball getting started and our diamonds being used, or soccer, or the Aquatic Center, there’s an energy about people.” 

The Winkler Aquatic Centre is currently being prepared for the opening date scheduled for May 24. In the meantime, swimming registration starts May 15 at noon.  

“Registration can be done through Active Net, which is our online registration system. You'll find it on City of Winkler website, where all of our summer activities are listed. [Registration] can also be done over the phone by calling 204-325-8212.” 

Dias says they will have helpful staff on hand to support people with the registration process. May 15th is open to RM of Stanley (ward one) and City of Winkler residents. Non-residents can register on Thursday, May 16th.  

Swimming lessons in Winkler will include lessons for all ages, says Dias. 

“Parent and tot lessons are for little ones with the parent's active involvement. We have preschool lessons as well. And then we also have one-on-one. We have a wide variety, all the way up to our leadership courses.” 

Dias emphasizes the importance of signing up in advance through Active Net, for a smooth registration process. 

"The most important thing we need people to understand about registration is that our process is driven through Active Net, so, they should [create an account] prior to the registration dates. Once the day of registration comes, our staff are really focused on getting those registrations done. It's a little bit trickier if we're trying to do password recovery and whatnot. So having your Active Net account set up beforehand, which is super simple, just makes the whole process go a lot smoother.” 

Click below to hear the full interview with Meg Dias and Connie Bailey.  

Pembina Valley swimming lesson registration will be as follows:

Winkler Aquatic Centre

Wednesday, May 15, 12:00 pm - City of Winkler and RM of Stanley resident registration online at Winkler Active Net or by phone at 204-325-8212. All are encouraged to create an Active Net account in advance. 

Thursday, May 16, 12:00 pm  - Registration open to all. 

Altona Aquatic Centre 

Friday, May 17, 8:30 am - registration opens in person, by phone at 204-324-9005, and online on Altona Active Net. All are encouraged to create an Active Net account in advance. 

Carman and RM of Dufferin Parks and Recreation

Registration is underway. Limited spots are available. Register online here or call 204-745-2443.

Lake Minnewasta (Morden)

May 22, 4:00 pm - Registration opens online at 4 pm, and in person at the Access Event Centre from 4-6 pm.