Welcome to another edition of Industry Leaders in the Pembina Valley, as we once again spend time with Friesens to learn about its successes and ongoing growth from its base in Altona. Joining me today in studio is Senior Vice President of the Book Division, Byron Loeppky. And today, we're focusing on the technological investments Friesens has made in recent years... and we're starting with how some of those investments are providing opportunity for traditionally male dominated roles to be taken on by others.

"One of the things that's happened over the last number of decades is the press room has been a male dominated part of our business," explained Loeppky. "Part of that has been around the shifts that were run there, the noise, some of the smell that would be there, along with the physicality that was required. This was especially true when we got into large format printing, which were extra large presses that just needed a certain type of person who was interested in it. You also needed someone who was interested in interjecting themselves into a male-dominated department. That is definitely changing in the last many years, particularly as we move to digital printing. What we have started seeing is more and more variety in who are interested in becoming operators on some of our digital technology."

And when we refer to digital technology in the context of Friesens, what does that mean?

You can find out by listening to this month's Industry Leaders in the Pembina Valley with Byron Loeppky from Friesens Corporation in Altona.

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