Governor General Julie Payette delivered the Throne Speech in the Senate.

In the Speech, the Federal Government committing over the next two years to invest in rural broadband connectivity.

"In the last six months many more people have worked from home, done classes from the kitchen table, shopped online and accessed government services remotely. So it has become more important than ever that all Canadians have access to the internet. The Government will accelerate the connectivity timelines and ambitions of the universal broadband fund to ensure that all Canadians, no matter where they live, have access to high speed internet."

She also outlined the government's commitment for Water Management.

"When the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration was closed by a previous government. Canada lost an important tool to manage its waters. Canada will create a new Canada Water Agency to keep our waters safe, clean and well managed. The government will also identify opportunities to build more resilient water and irrigation infrastructure."

Climate change was a key part of yesterday's Throne Speech.

In delivering the speech Governor General Julie Payette talked about the governments' commitment for the agriculture sector with respect to climate change.

"It will recognize farmers, foresters and ranchers as key partners in the fight against climate change supporting their efforts to reduce emissions and to build resilience."

The throne speech also confirmed the government plans to continue its carbon tax policy.

The Government also renewing its support for the Supply Managed Sector and farm families noting they keep our families fed and they will continue to help them succeed and grow.