The Montcalm Heritage Festival has taken place on the beautiful grounds of the Musee St. Joseph Museum this weekend. This annual celebration brought together the vibrant community of St. Joseph to honour its culture and treasured traditions. Admission to the Festival Grounds is free, allowing everyone to join the festivities.

"This festival is very important for us to remember where we were, where we're from, and how life today is easier than it used to be and how hard our ancestors worked. It's a chance again for people to come back to their roots," said Robert Parent, President of St. Joseph's Museum.

Throughout the weekend, visitors had the opportunity to explore the fascinating history of St. Joseph through the museum buildings. The Musee St. Joseph Museum is a testament to the town's heritage, and the festival provided the perfect occasion to explore its fascinating past.

"Every year it's been an amazing event. The contribution from the community is unbelievable. The amount of volunteers always impresses me," said Camille Fisette-Mulaire, who works at St. Joseph's Museum.

The festival grounds were brimming with family-friendly activities and entertainment, ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy. Children were delighted by the petting zoo, where they could interact with friendly animals and learn about their care. Face painting, carnival games, and live performances entertained everyone.

"It's always a time of being proud of one's culture and specialty that undermines the community spirit of the town," said Mariebel Damphousse, event attendee.

Attendees enjoyed many culinary delights; the aromas wafting through the air added to the festive atmosphere, attracting guests to sample the mouthwatering dishes.

The Montcalm Heritage Festival brought together the community of St. Joseph to celebrate their shared heritage. The event showcased the town's culture through engaging activities, entertainment, and delicious food and ensured its traditions would continue to thrive for generations.