This Thursday (May 23), the Plum Coulee Community Foundation is inviting all to come out for a soup and pie fundraiser and AGM.

June Letkeman is the secretary for the Plum Coulee Community Foundation.  

"We have 4 wonderful, delicious soups, chicken noodle, green bean, cream of carrot and hamburger soups. We also have homemade buns made by Nettie Kehler, which she's famous for, and we have about 8 or 9 different kinds of pies.” 

Letkeman says that it’s hard to choose a favorite pie as there are just so many to choose from, including banana cream, coconut cream, lemon, raisin, apple, and more. 

"Everyone loves our soup and pies, and we usually do get a great crowd.” 

The funds raised will go towards an administrative fund for the Foundation. 

"We are raising funds so that we can eventually hire our own administrator. For the last few months, we've had Myra Peters from the Winkler Foundation help us. She has been doing a wonderful job for us, but unfortunately, she will be done in June, so we must make plans to get our own administrator.” 

The Plum Coulee Foundation will have their Annual General Meeting following the supper. Letkeman is most excited about the grants being distributed that night.  

“A percentage of our of our endowment fund goes to granting for different organizations in our community and this year we have a little over $17,000 to grant. So, it's going to a fun evening.” 

Past recipients have included the Plum Coulee museum, the elevator, and the Center on Main. 

The soup and pie fundraising supper starts at 5 pm at the Centre on Main in Plum Coulee on Thursday (May 23), by donation. 

june letkeman