Traffic is expected to be moving North and South at the corner of PTH 32 and Pembina Ave in Winkler today.

With the paving for Phase One complete, Director of Planning and Engineering Scott Toews says traffic will be kept to a single lanes because of on-going construction, however vehicles will have access North and South Friday after the 4:00 p.m rush hour.

Work will then transition to Phase Two, the widening of Pembina Ave. and installation of a turning lane. Toews says Phase Two will likely take two weeks to complete. Traffic lights are also expected to be installed early November before East/West traffic can open.

While rain initially delayed construction in September, Toews is excited to see the impact of the finished $1.3 million project.

"Once the whole project is complete it will help break up that traffic," Toews says, adding it will create more openings for left hand turns onto Highway 32.

However, he says the work represents a much larger vision for the main artery through Winkler.

"We're hoping we can continue this project Northward, essentially widening Highway 32 to four lanes all the way to Highway 14," Toews says. "So this is the first step."

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