Altona police have laid charges in an incident that saw multiple traffic signs cut down in the community.

Employees with the Altona Public Works Department notified police of the mischief last week, reporting nearly a dozen signs had been destroyed on both 9th St. NW and 2nd St. NW. 

Officers learned the signs were cut down in order to accommodate the move of a building to the community's industrial park on 2nd St. NW.

As a result, two men from Morris, aged 56 and 36, have been charged under the Highway Traffic Act, and police say additional Criminal Code charges are pending.

In total, 11 traffic signs were cut down.

They are:
- 3 x Caution Children Playing

- 3 x Speed Zone Signs

- 2 x No use of Engine Brakes Sign

- 2 x Stop Signs

- 1 x Water over Road Sign

An estimate of damage is still being assessed, however early indications are the total cost is in the thousands of dollars and includes the signs, as well as damage sustained to the boulevard and neighbouring lot during the move.

While the moving company told officers it intended to weld the signs back up, police say removing any road signs is dangerous and reckless.

A replacement stop sign is erected next to its sawed-off base.