It's no secret, sections of Winkler's Main Street, just off Highway 14, are in pretty rough shape this Spring. The issue has the full attention of city council, and Mayor Henry Siemens says it's frustrating to see the road literally turning into gravel.

"That's something that's quite frustrating for ourselves," said Siemens. "We're working with Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure to work on those roads. Many people may not know Main Street in Winkler is not actually our road. It's a provincial highway, and it's their responsibility to look after it."

Even with that in mind, he noted the city has done some work to simply keep the area drivable, but is actively working with the province to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

"We're trying to entice them to come out, force them to come out, and deal with that road," he said. "It is in very poor shape."

Meanwhile, the reconstruction of North Railway Avenue is set to begin very soon.

"June 3rd, that street will close from Highway 32 to Main Street as we replace that section of road," said Siemens. "It's about a four to five week process. It will be very noticed by the commuters in Winkler, because it is an active thoroughfare, but it's going to be much, much better when that road is finally renewed." 

The project was originally slated to be done last year, but was postponed due to tenders being well over budget. After retendering the project for this year, it surprisingly came in under budget.