The Morden Area and Winkler Community Foundations are gearing up to go out into the community and pay it forward for the month of May. And they are encouraging people and businesses in the communities to jump on board with them! Myra Peters joined the Morning Shows to talk about what's going to be happening throughout the month, and they are looking for interesting Pay it Forward stories to pass on! 

There are all sorts of opportunities to Pay it Forward during the month, and if you would like to share a pay it forward moment you have been the recipient of or you've given... Visit the Winkler Community Foundation HERE... Or the Morden Area Foundation HERE! 



Myra Peters on the Eagle Morning Show!
Myra Peters and Daemon talk about Paying it Forward this May!
What's happening throughout the month for Pay It Forward May!
Myra talks about an impactful example of Paying it Forward.