The Winkler Community Foundation (WCF) is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Winkler and the surrounding areas. As a charitable organization, WCF's mission is to identify, support, and uplift the community today and in the future. This promise is made possible by the generosity of donors' endowments, ensuring they grow over time. The interest built from these endowments funds annual grants that support a variety of community projects every year.

"The whole goal of the Winkler Community Foundation is to enhance the benefits of our community. Then we work together with our nonprofits and our charitable organizations, and together we can make a really big difference," said Barb Neufeld, Chair of the Winkler Community Foundation. "We need to celebrate. So often, we are so busy doing the work of the Foundation that we forget to stop and reflect on what we've done, and to celebrate the accomplishments and the achievements, not just in the Foundation, but the achievements in the organizations."

On June 26, the WCF presented $132,973 in grants to local charitable organizations, showing its ongoing dedication to the community. The Foundation prioritizes grants that address community needs and impact vulnerable populations, valuing public service, partnerships, and collaboration.

"We are incredibly grateful to the Winkler Community Foundation for the $10,000 that we've been granted. It's going to go a very long way towards poverty reduction in Winkler," said Krista Rempel Central Station Community Center Social Impact Director. 

The WCF Board has strategically chosen to fund multiple projects partially, spread across many causes. Although not fully funded, these projects are expected to be completed within a year due to the combined efforts of staff, volunteers, and the community.

$73,688 was spread from the Agency, Designated, and Donor Advised Funds. Managed by the Winkler Community Foundation (WCF), these funds allow donors to support specific causes or charities they care about most. This varied funding strategy aligns with WCF’s mission to engage donors effectively and help them reach their goals.

"Any donations or any grants the Gateway receives, we're always very appreciative. It always helps us to improve the services that we offer and to continue to reach our vision and mission," said Kim Nelson, CEO of Gateway. "Gateway is extremely lucky to be in these communities. They rally behind us at every step and every direction that we take, and we are incredibly grateful for all of the support."

By expanding the endowment funds, WCF aims to provide even more support to local charitable organizations, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the community today and forever.