Tuesday morning, around 6:19 a.m., Winkler Fire Department responded to a call of a vehicle submerged in a creek.

Crews responded to the scene on Road 22 West, just west of Schanzenfeld on Road 9 North.

Chief Richard Paetzold says, at the time of the call, it was unclear how many individuals may have been inside the vehicle, but ultimately it was determined the lone occupant had escaped earlier, and had sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Upon arrival, crews entered the water and searched the vehicle to confirm it was vacated, and also conducted a ground search along the creek downstream, until confirmation the driver had been located.

Paetzold stresses rural roads are once again soft, with creeks and ditches running full, noting this was an extremely fortunate outcome for the driver, because it could have turned out much differently.

diver reaching roof of submerged vehicleSubmitted photo