The federal and provincial governments announced Friday that they are investing millions of dollars into the long-term sustainability of the Pembina Valley region.

Terry Duguid, MP for Winnipeg South says as we continue on the road to recovery from the pandemic, we have an opportunity to build the future we want for ourselves and generations of Canadians to come. He adds we need to be ambitious and build back better so communities can quickly recover and become more resilient in the long term.

Duguid says building healthy communities starts with investing in essential services. "I am so, so pleased to announce that the Government of Canada is investing more than $25.2 million for Phase One of the Winkler-Stanley-Morden regional wastewater treatment system. This funding will support a new mechanical wastewater treatment facility in Winkler, 2 new lift stations in Stanley, and upgrades to the first of 2 new lagoon cells."

In addition, 45 kilometres of piping will connect the communities of Reinfeld and Schanzenfeld to the regional wastewater treatment system.

The project will make the system more efficient and cost effective for the municipalities and ensure the wastewater system meets both federal and provincial requirements. The

"The Winkler-Stanley-Morden region is one of the most fastest growing in Manitoba so it's important that critical infrastructure like this wastewater treatment system can handle community growth and do so in an environmentally sustainable way...I have always been a strong advocate for community building and environmental protection, both of which will be positively impacted by this investment," added Duguid." 

Sitting at the desk, (L-R) Reg Helwer, MLA for Brandon West and Morden-Winkler MLA Cameron Friesen. On t.v. screen, (L-R) Winkler Mayor Martin Harder, and Terry Duguid, MP for Winnipeg South.

"This is truly a landmark announcement," says Winkler Mayor Martin Harder, speaking on behalf of his municipal partners. "This will allow an already hot economy, and a growing economy, to grow, expand, and contribute, not only to the local economy of the Pembina Valley, but also to the Province of Manitoba, and to the Country of Canada."

Harder says in order to grow and expand successfully, they need partners to do so productively and effectively.

"Today I want to acknowledge the contribution of the province and the federal government and the municipalities in question to make this project a reality."

The municipalities of Winkler and Stanley are contributing $27.2 million combined to the project as well.

“Today’s announcement of funding for this vital project represents years of work and collaboration between provincial and municipal partners," said Morden-Winkler MLA and Justice Minister Cameron Friesen. "This region of Manitoba continues to expand rapidly, fueled by good jobs, a strong manufacturing sector, and excellent quality of life. We take a great satisfaction in the official approval of this project and this investment in critical infrastructure provides the foundation for years and years of strong growth.”

Reg Helwer, MLA for Brandon West, and Minister of Central Services, announced the Province of Manitoba would be contributing $21-million to Phase One of the project, for a total investment of more than $46-million from the two levels of government.

"The new water treatment infrastructure will provide quality water to existing residents as well allowing for long-term development in the community," says Helwer. "By working together, Manitoba can lead the way in attracting world class industry to the province, and further job creation, while simultaneously making the province greener and cleaner."

As far as a timeline, that would be established once the request for proposal process has been complete.