The Youth for Christ (YFC) drop-in center in Carman is undergoing a major expansion and face lift to it's interior and exterior. 

Tyler Friesen is director of The Back Door.

"We are adding on just over 4000 square feet to our current drop in center. The current drop in center is also getting a complete renovation inside and out. The building is almost completely closed in already. We're waiting on a few doors. [For] the expansion portion all the rough-ins are complete I believe. The electrical and plumbing rough-ins are happening in the renovation portion of the old drop in center." 

Friesen says the community has been very generous with its support of the project.

"We've stepped out in faith and we've had our generous community donate over $1.3 million thus far. The total bill looks to be in the range of 1.75 or $1.8 million, give or take. We need another $450,000 yet."

Suppliers and trades have done their part as well said Friesen.

What can the community expect to see when the dust has settled with furniture and equipment in place?

"Probably one of the main features is a gymnasium space that has 20-foot ceilings, so we'll be able to play basketball and volleyball, badminton, those types of things. Some of the other really key features [include] a commercial kitchen so we can feed students – a staple of our ministry is food. And a lot of accessibility pieces: we have fully accessible ramps, out the back and the front, universal washrooms and all those things. Accessibility is really important to us as well."

With the upgrades, Friesen says they hope to position YFC and the center to care for students for many years to come, providing them with free recreation space and a place where caring adults can walk alongside them.