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Sunday, January 14th 2018

Stories we're working on this week include, the head of the Anglican Church of Canada has announced plans to step down, Churches and related organizations are increasingly concerned about a new requirement in the application form for the Canada summer jobs program and the Salvation Army as well as other groups are doing all they can to help the homeless during the cold weather.





Sunday, January 7th 2018

Stories we're working on this week include, the head of The Anglican Church of Canada reflects on the Christmas carol, 'O Little Town of Bethlehem', Mennonite Church Canada leaders are upbeat about their first meeting since a major restructuring was approved in October and the head of the Mormon Church has died.





Sunday, December 31st 2017

Daryl Braun is off this weekend, so morning show co-host Chris Sumner is hosting Church News. Stories he's working on this week include the recent challenges faced by Congolese Mennonites, ongoing work between the Anglican Church and United Church of Canada and the hardships facing Ukrainians as another harsh winter sets in.





Sunday, December 24th 2017

Stories Daryl Braun is working on this week include, Mennonite World Conference, and its partners, have responded to a number of natural disasters this past year, a poll has found a majority of Canadians support at least partial funding of faith-based schools and an EMC congregation in Ontario has held a service of repentance and reconciliation with a former pastoral couple.




Sunday, December 17th 2017

Stories we're working on this week include, the Anglican and United Churches of Canada are taking exception to an announcement by the U.S. President to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, evangelist Franklin Graham says Vietnam is becoming more open to Christianity and a writer in the EMC messenger shares some thoughts on pacifism in the workplace.





Sunday, December 10th 2017

Stories we're working on this week include, MCC has issued a Christmas message that notes turmoil in the world today is similar to what it was when Jesus was born, the Church of Sweden has told its clergy to stop referring to God as male and two Mennonite Conferences in the U.S. plan to reunite after a split 170 years ago.





Sunday, December 3rd 2017

Stories we're working on this week include; the pastor of a Texas Church that was the scene of a brutal massacre is preaching a message of forgiveness, the moderator of the United Church of Canada has issued her advent message and a government official in Bern, Switzerland has apologized to Anabaptists for persecution.





Sunday, November 26th 2017

Stories we're working on this week include, The Salvation Army hopes to raise twenty-one million dollars through its Christmas Kettle Campaign, Mennonite Church Canada and its regional conferences are working to implement major changes agreed to last month and the head of Mennonite World Conference has written a letter that says Christians need to lead by example to influence social change and not rely on the legal system and coercive politicians.





Sunday, November 19th 2017

Stories we're working on this week include, Mennonite Churches in the southern U.S. are discussing security in the wake of some Church shootings, the United Church of Canada is having success with a program that allows ministers to from other Church bodies to serve in each other's congregations and a Mennonite Church in Montreal is helping to host refugees crossing into Quebec from the U.S.





Sunday, November 12th 2017

Stories we're working on this week include; the Canadian Council of Mennonite Brethren Churches has approved the merger of C2C and Mennonite Mission but has also announced some significant cuts, the recently retired editor of the Canadian Mennonite has passed away and we hear reflections from an EMC Pastor and a Catholic theologian on the need to unite the church that was fractured during the Reformation.





Sunday, November 5th 2017

Stories we're working on this week include; Protestant Churches marked their beginnings this past week on the 500th anniversary of the reformation, the Brethren in Christ Church in Canada has tweaked its name to remove the word brethren and several Canadian Churches are adjusting how they do Indigenous ministry.





Sunday, October 29th 2017

Stories we're working on this week include, some high profile Christian women leaders have joined the “me too” campaign, Mennonite Church Manitoba is discussing how to implement the greater focus by Mennonite Church Canada on regional churches and the harsh treatment of Hutterite Conscientious Objectors in the U.S. during World War I was highlighted at conference this month in Kansas City.





Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Stories we're working on this week include, Mennonite Church Canada has approved major structural changes, the Anglican Church will continue an evangelical program that is having good success and a university in Omaha, Nebraska, founded by Mennonites, will close its doors.





Sunday, October 15th 2017

Stories we're working on this week include, a Christian pastor in Palestine shares about the difficulties they endure under Israeli occupation, St. Boniface hospital in Winnipeg is resisting pressure to offer doctor-assisted death and Providence University/College is hosting a special event to mark the 500th anniversary of the reformation.





Sunday, October 8th 2017


Stories we're working on this week include, the board of Mennonite Church Canada has issued an apology to LGBTQ persons, Mennonite Church U.S.A has made some key decisions about its plans for the future and Mennonite disaster service is determining its response in Puerto Rico.




Sunday, October 1st 2017

Stories we're working on this week include, the executive director of MCC Canada has retired, the founder of Crossroads Christian Communications has died and the head of Mennonite Church Canada says he underwent an epiphany as he served communion at the annual conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada this summer.



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