Hello! My name is Jessica Schroeder and I am completely thrilled to be your CFAM Celebrate Summer Host for 2018! After moving back to Lowe Farm from Winnipeg, the job hunting began! I grew up in a home where the radio is on every day. Can you guess which station it’s on? Yup! CFAM 950! The fact I grew up listening to the station I now have the pleasure working for is a huge blessing and excitement, not just for me, but for my entire family as well.

I was born in Paraguay, South America along with my parents and two younger sisters. My dad got this splendid idea moving to Canada was a great idea, so we packed up, said goodbye to family (a LOT of family!) and friends, and off we were. I must admit though, he was right.

Before moving to Canada at five years old, I only spoke Low German, but quickly began to understand English once I started school. My parents thought it was very important for us to keep our first language, so they made sure as long as we were at home, we only spoke German. They soon realized if they ever wanted to learn English as well, they’d have to be okay with us speaking some at home.

My mom taught me to cook and bake from a young age, because her mom had done the same with her. I love gardening and canning with her in the summer and planting flowers. My dad and I are huge Winnipeg Jets fans, so the house always gets a little loud on game days. Game days with BBQs are my favorite.

Choosing what I wanted to be when I grew up all depended on what TV show I was hooked on at the time. At one point it was an FBI agent while I was watching too much Flashpoint. While I was going through seasons of Grey’s Anatomy I wanted to be a surgeon, and The Listener created a Paramedic within me.

I can hardly wait to start getting out and about around Southern Manitoba, trying new foods, seeing the sights, going to concerts, festivals, fairs, and events, but what I am most excited about is meeting the thousands of people that make this place so special and feel like home.

To book me for all your fun summer events, email me at [email protected] , or call me at 204-324-6464.


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