Hello! My name is Diana Kanke and I am more than excited to be 2017’s CFAM Radio 950 Celebrate Summer Host. To be completely honest with you, this job was not what I was looking for when I was going job hunting for this summer. I was thinking maybe a part time job as a waitress somewhere, but then I dropped off a resume at CFAM not thinking much of it and look at what I got myself into!

I’m so excited to see what this summer has to offer for me!

Now a bit about myself! I was born in Germany, and moved to Canada when I was almost six years old. Yes, I can still speak German, but I speak with the grammar of a four year old!

I am a graduate of W.C Miller Collegiate, and am planning on studying Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba this coming September.

In my spare time, I go to my father’s Taekwondo club. I’ve been going there for as long as I can remember, but because I didn’t take it seriously when I was younger I am only a blue belt. While a blue belt is already quite advanced, I’m hoping to kick myself into gear, and try to become a black belt by the end of next year.

I love hanging out with my friends, and meeting new people whenever I can. I play the piano when I actually remember to. I cuddle and chase after my two cats, because they chew up all my mom’s plants. I attempt to cook and bake, but usually it comes out differently from how I planned. Most of the time, though, I am a little lazy and like to play videogames or watch something on Netflix on my computer I built myself (I may or may not be proud of that fact).

I am absolutely thrilled to be this year’s CFAM Radio 950 Celebrate Summer Host. I’m excited to go to a million different events, get really sunburned from being outside too much, and eating way more pancakes than I ever thought I would.

Most of all, I’m excited to get to know the Pembina Valley more and the people that live in it, because it is the place that I call home.

To book me for your event, email me at [email protected] , or call me at 204-324-6464.

And have a listen to Diana's debut on the CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show with Co-Host Chris Sumner:


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