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 December 11

11-Dec 7pm Northlands Parkway Choir at the school

11-Dec 6:30pm Winkler Elementary (Grade 5-8) PW Enns Concert Hall

11-Dec 6:30pm Hochfeld Elementary School

 December 12

12-Dec 7pm Ecole Morden Middle School (Gr. 7 & 8) at the school

12-Dec 7pm Emerado School (Grade 7 & 8) at the school

12-Dec 7pm Lowe Farm School at the school

12-Dec 6pm Parkland School (Kindergarten) at the school

12-Dec 7pm Parkland School (Grade 1 & 2) at the school 

December 13

13-Dec 1pm & 7pm Border Valley School Bethel Berg. Church (Hochfeld)

13-Dec 6pm Emerado School (Grade 5) at the school

13-Dec 7:15pm Emerado School (Grade 6) at the school

13-Dec 7pm Gretna School (K - Grade 3) at the school 1

13-Dec 7pm GVC Concert Band & Choir Winkler Menn. Church

13-Dec 7pm Maple Leaf School (Grade 3 & 4) Morden Access Event Centre

13-Dec 6:30pm Morris School (K - Gr 4) at the school

13-Dec 7pm Parkland School (Grade 3 -6) at the school

13-Dec 7pm Roseau Valley School, Dominion City at the school

13-Dec 6:30pm Southwood School, Schanzenfeld Prairie Dale School next door

13-Dec 6:15pm Winkler Elementary (Grade 1 & 2) P.W Enns Concert Hall

13-Dec 7:15pm Winkler Elementary (Gr 3 & 4, Volunteer Choir) P.W Enns Concert Hall

Dec 13 &14 7pm WC Miller Collegiate Buhler Hall, Gretna

December 14

14-Dec 1pm Plum Coulee School (Grade 5-8) at the school

December 15

15-Dec Winkler Senior Centre Jam Session

December 16

Dec 16 10:45am  Winkler Grace Mennonite Church Sunday School prgram

Dec 16 6:30pm Gretna Bergthaler Church

Dec 16 7pm Carman Mennonite Church Sunday School program

 December 17

17-Dec 10am & 6pm Ecole Elmwood School (Grade 2) at the school

17-Dec 1:30 & 7:30pm Ecole Elmwood School (Grade 3) at the school

 December 18

18-Dec 1:30 & 6pm Ecole Elmwood School (Grade 1) at the school

18-Dec 7pm Emerson School at the school

18-Dec 7pm Gretna School (Grade 4 - 8) at the school

18-Dec 6pm JR Walkof (Grade 3 & 4) Winkler EMMC Church

18-Dec 7pm Maple Leaf School (Grade 1 & 2) Morden Access Event Centre

18-Dec 7pm Roland Elementary School

18-Dec 1:30 & 7pm Rosenfeld School *Piano prelude 1/2 hour before concert at the school

18-Dec 1pm Winkler Senior Centre W.E.S. Volunteer Choir

18-Dec 7pm Winkler Senior Centre Gospel Music with Plett Sisters

 December 19

19-Dec 1pm & 7pm Blumenfeld School at the school

19-Dec 5:30pm JR Walkof (Kindergarten) Winkler EMMC Church

19-Dec 6:30pm JR Walkof (Grade 1 & 2) Winkler EMMC Church

19-Dec 6:30pm Plum Coulee School (K-Grade 4) at the school

19-Dec 7pm Rosenort School at the school

19-Dec 10am & 7pm West Park School Altona Bergthaler Church1

19-Dec 1:30pm Ecole Morden Middle School (Gr. 5 & 6) Morden Access Event Centre

19-Dec 7pm Ecole Morden Middle School (Gr. 5 & 6) Morden Access Event Centre

 December 20

20-Dec 7pm Mennonite Collegiate Institute Buhler Hall, Gretna

20-Dec 1:30 & 7pm Minnewasta School Morden EMMC

20-Dec 7pm Prairie Dale School, Schanzenfeld at the school

20-Dec 2pm Winkler Senior Centre JR Walkof Choir

20-Dec Winkler Senior Centre EMBC Youth Choir

December 21

Dec 21 @ 7pm Pleasant Valley Church, Rosenort, Sunday School program

Dec 21 @ 7:30 pm PW Enns Centennial Concert Hall - Come celebrate the real meaning of Christmas! Everyone welcome!

December 22

Dec 22 @ 7pm Winkler EMMCnostoc - Winkler Community Male Choir

December 23

Dec 23 @ 10:30am  Bethel Bergthaler Church, Hochfeld, Sunday School program

December 24

24-Dec 7pm Winkler Mennonite Church - Come join us for an hour of Carol singing. Bring a friend.


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