Box of baby girls clothes/blankets



Items include:

5 blankets(smaller ones) 

5 (0-3) month sleepers

2 (6 month sleepers)

3 (0-3 month) long sleeved onesies 

2 (3-6month) long sleeved onesies 

4 (6-12month) long sleeves onesies 

1 towel

1 sweater (3-6month)

10 burb cloths

10 bibs

13 pairs of socks 

2 (0-3month) onesie 

1 (6-12month) onesie 

1 (18month) onesie 

3 shirts

4 pair of pants

1 jumper

2 homemade dresses

2 soother clips


All from a smoke an pet free home! A few of the clothes have stains, but all in great condition! Selling altogether (60 items) for only $15

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Ad ID : 104565
1 week ago

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Annawall21 (13)
204 362 1424
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