blue monday 2018

January 15th is Blue Monday


Blue Monday is a day set aside to focus on those that are facing mental health challenges as a result of several factors.  The holidays are over and Christmas festivities haven't always met our expectations and have left people with negative emotions, the reality of over spending over the holidays can be setting in as well as the cold and lack of sunshine and many other factors can contribute to the "blues" people may be feeling at this time of year.   Eden Health Care Services Brad Unger of Recovery of Hope and Bev Dyck Program Director for Housing and Supports Program shared their own unique perspectives on why Blue Monday is important to create the conversation about Mental Wellness at this time of year and the supports they provide.  


Bev Dyck tell us people living with mental illness were asked what would help them live a successful life, what do you think they said?  Barb connects the effects of housing on our Mental Health.



Bev reminded us that we often take for granted the security a home brings to our mental wellness.  For some, this isn't a reality.  While in the Pembina Valley it isn't as visible as it is in some areas.




Bev describes the support that she and her team provide for people that need housing assistance.



Bev shares a story of success!



Listening to the stories of others who understand can often help us in our own journey.  Here are the stories of four Mental Health Heros who bravely talk about their story.


Brad Unger shares that  people can feel hopeless at this time of year as grief and loss can be magnified over the holidays and we are more aware of life's challenges or the cold and inactivity can play a role is a weakened mental state along with less sunshine and more darkness with shortened days.  


Brad gives us some symtoms to look for in ourselves and others to recognize the signs of struggle.



Brad shares his own experience with recognizing his own anxiety and what he does to move forward.




Social media and the limited view we have of each other's lives distorts how we understand the truth about each other.



Isolation is a huge roadblock to finding hope.



Recovery of Hope provides a listening ear and help to find hope in situations that need extra care.




For more information and to access support services for a variety of needs, contact Eden Health Care Services.  You don't have to walk alone.


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