Carlos Rivera has written his story in "An Immigrant Latino - A Latino in the World"




El Salvador, the smallest nation in Central America, known for its beautiful coastline and majestic mountains, falls into terrible civil war in the 1980s, which results in the deaths of 75,000 people and widespread poverty, violence, and hopelessness.

Born in the rural district of Cuscatlán, Carlos Rivera E watches as his compatriots suffer threats, torture, and brutality at the hands of the military, paramilitary, and oppositional guerilla groups.

Swept up in the making of history and the cause of justice, Rivera joins the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front and fights not only for freedom for his country—but also for his life.

Facing hunger, danger, torture, and even death, Rivera manages to maintain his humanity and dignity through it all.

An inspiring tale of bravery, commitment, and love in the midst of war and tragedy, An Immigrant Latino chronicles the life of Carlos Rivera E and his quest to survive the despair and violence threatening to ruin his nation, take his life, and tear his family apart.



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