Collegiate 411 2018-2019

Giving a voice to students in the Pembina Valley!


April 13, 2019 - Mennonite Collegiate Institute

Since the grade 11's and 12's recently got back from their school trip to Spain, this weeks show is centered around the memories and experiences of the people who went. Hear all about Spain and My School in a Minute segments from WC Miller Collegiate and Northlands Parkway Collegiate below!

A few snapshots from the Europe trip.


April 6, 2019 - Nellie McLung Collegiate

Do you think a wall of cheese outdoors is a good idea? What's new with student council? What is your number one favourite Pixar movie? All these questions and more are answered by highschool students in Manitou! You also get a glimps of what's happening at GVC, MCI, and Miami with a My School in a Minute from each of them. Listen to the whole show below!


March 23, 2019 - Garden Valley Collegiate

Spring break was on the minds of highschool students during this weekends episode of Collegiate 411, hosted by the gentlemen of GVC in Winkler. Catch the interview below with the hockey teams' captain as he shares about the Zodiacs successful season, the students share about their plans for their week off and the ideal spring break according to Tommy. All that plus 60 seconds from Miami School, Morden Collegiate and Carman Collegiate with their My School In A Minute Segment.


March 18, 2019 - Miami School

The latest Collegiate 411 may make you a bit hungry and crave dessert since the streeter question was "What's your favourite pie and why" in honour of Pi Day being last week. Similar to last week, we hear about some Miami Students experiences at the Canada Winter Games in the Interview segment and one student shares her argument on why school should start later. Finally, the My School in a Minute Segments brought to you by Nellie Mclung Collegiate, Northlands Parkway Collegiate and WC Miller Collegiate.


March 9, 2019 - W.C. Miller Collegiate

The highschool students in Altona are excited about the completion of their brand new gym, which was revealed to them this past Tuesday. Hear about that, the schools favourite breakfast foods, students who played in the Canada Winter Games and much more on the latest Collegiate 411. The show is hosted by Sials and Simon with My School In A Minute Segments from Carman Collegiate, Nellie Mclung Collegiate and Northlands Parkway Collegiate.


March 2, 2019 - Northlands Parkway Collegiate

Many hands make light work, at least that was the case with hosting duties for Collegiate 411. NPC students were your host for an hour and covered topics like phone brands, student council activities, and in a battle who would reign victorious. All that and more below!


February 23, 2019 - Morden Collegiate Institute

Dani Chapman takes you through the show where Morden Collegiate tackles the subject of school cancellation and if they could pick, when they would like to have the cancelled days, you hear about the boys basketball team and what the school has in store for spirit week! Additionally, My School In A Minute Segments From Carman, GVC and Nellie Mclung.


February 16, 2019 - Carman Collegiate

If you check out the pictures below you can see Ben Peters, your host of the show, recording his part for the latest episode of Collegiate 411. Do you want to know what Junior Student Council has planned for the future? Hear the buzz segment with Suzy and Abby. Interested in D&D? (Dungeons and Dragons) Give a listen to the interview with Karen and some grade nine students who are a part of the D&D club! Also, catch the latest news from MCI, Morden Collegiate and NMC during their My School In A Minute Segments below!

February 9, 2019 - Mennonite Collegiate Institute

After a long couple of cold weeks, many cancelled days of school and no Collegiate 411 as a result, the students are through exams and ready to start semester two! Speaking of cancelled days, MCI didn't react to the cold the same way other school divisions had to since they have on campus housing, this is discussed in the buzz segment. Also this week the students of MCI let us know how their production of Tuck Everlasting is coming along in their interview piece as well as the streeter. My School In A Minute Segments come from Northlands Parkway Collegite and WC Miller.


January 26, 2019 - Garden Valley Collegiate

It's exam week for many highschool students in the Pembina Valley and on top of studying, the students of GVC were also hosting Collegiate 411! Any restaurant in the Winkler area you think we need? Sam and Arlen discuss this topic in the Buzz! You're able to hear how the production of Grease is coming along and how GVC students gear up for exam week. Also, throughout the show you'll get a 'My School In a Minute' segment from Miami School, Morden Collegiate and Carman Collegiate. 


January 19, 2019 - Miami School

Now a days it seems like every highschooler has a cell phone, should they be allowed in class? Find out what the students of Miami School have to say about  since they were the latest Collegiate 411 hosts! Additionally in this show is a piece on music in the classroom and an interview with Ms. Wimble, one of the Phys. Ed teachers. This weeks My School In A Minute segments are brought to you by GVC, NPC and WC Miller Collegiate. Listen to the whole show below


January 12, 2019 - W.C. Miller Collegiate

It was the first Collegiate 411 since the Christmas break and you had double the hosts on Saturday, Sam and Silas traded off to get you through the show! WC Miller Student Council President Jocie fills you in on the details of all things student life, one of the young license holders in the school goes on a bit of a rant about slow drivers and you find out what the students real think about our long, chilly winters. All that and more in the podcast below!


December 22, 2018 - Northlands Parkway Collegiate

In the final episode of 2018, Northlands Parkway Collegiate was your host! The first offical day of winter was on the 21st, so it was only fitting that the streeter piece was on what the people of NPC like to do in the winter. Additionally, you get some tips and tricks from Levi about Super Smash Bros and other versions of the game, in the interview you hear about the busts that art students have created and how to keep them from cracking and there are My School In A Minute Segments from WC Miller Collegiate, Morden Collegiate and Carman Collegiate.


December 15, 2018 - Morden Collegiate

How do you feel about homework? If you could have anything for Christmas, what would it be? What's going on in the life of a national debate competition winner? All these questions are answered in the latest edition of Collegiate 411. Dani Chapman leads you through the show with tid bits of her quirky humor. Also, catch up with Carman Collegiate, Garden Valley Collegiate and Miami School with their My School In A Minute segment.


December 8, 2018 - Carman Collegiate

Ben Peters from Carman was your host for the hour, you find out what the students want for Christmas, there is a running club at the school you can join called The Last Mile, and the EXTRA mile one of the 8th grade students goes to, to help out younger kids with their hockey skills. Additionally, you hear a My School In A Minute segment from Morden, MCI and Nellie McLung.


December 1, 2018 - Mennonite Collegiate Institue

MCI in Gretna kicked off the month of December when they hosted this past week. A great show where you hear a segment from Andrea about what Christmas is like in Mexico, an interview with alumni Sophie Gerbrant, director of admissions and communications, about the new MCI website and you get to join Jesse in the halls of MCI when she asks her classmates what they are most looking forward to at the Christmas banquet. You also hear a My School in a Minute from Miami School, WC Miller and NPC. 


Below are pictures of Andrea decorating a tree, choir director Mrs. Banman, students getting a jump on basketball season, your host Morgan working on the show, Jesse interview Peyton and finally Mrs. Gerbrant.


November 24, 2018 - Nellie McLung Collegiate

This is the first year that Nellie McLung Collegiate in Manitou is involved with Collegiate 411 and while they have contributed their "My School in a Minute" in past shows, this is the first episode they have hosted! Trystan and Arlee were your hosts on Saturday morning, they were a bit nervous, but they both did a great job. It sounded like the students had the most fun with their streeter segment, they went around the school and asked "What are your thoughts on the person next to you?" and there were some great answers. Listen to the full show below!


November 17, 2018 - Garden Valley Collegiate

This weekend you were joined by Rylan Thomas for Collegiate 411. With the passing of Stan Lee, you'll hear what GVC's art teacher has to say about his work, what students think about having Christmas decorations up already and hear about GVC's YIP program. Enjoy a My School in a Minute from Carman Collegiate, Morden Collegiate and Mennonite Collegiate Institute in Gretna.


November 10, 2018 - Miami School

Jillian took the reigns and hosted this weekends Collegiate 411 show!  You get a minute snippet from Garden Valley Collegiate, W.C Miller and Northland Parkway Collegiate with their My School in a Minute. You'll also hear about their winter clothing drive, student stress and how the students feel about Daylight Saving!



November 3, 2018 - W.C. Miller Collegiate

Abby Plett  hosted the show along with other students from W.C. Miller Collegiate.  They give an update on the new gym construction through an interview with their principal. In the buzz, we heard from Miller students who have been to WE Day. We also had the chance to catch up with Northlands Parkway Collegiate, Morden Collegiate and Carman Collegiate.

 miller we day 2018 aWC Miller students attending WE Day 2018

 miller we day 2018

 miller terry fox pie 2018Miller students were rewarded for Terry Fox Run fundraising efforts

miller terry fox pie 2018 a


October 27, 2018 - Northlands Parkway Collegiate

Levi spent an hour with listeners for this weekends episode of Collegiate 411. Give the show a listen below and see what student coucil has planned to up NPC's school spirit, and with Halloween this week, you also find out which scary movies students enjoy the most during spooky season! Also, catch up with Garden Valley Collegiate, Miami School and WC Miller Collegiate in their My School In A Minute segments.



October 20, 2018 - Morden Collegiate

Danielle, a verteran Collegiate 411'er, hosted the last edition of Collegiate 411. The show includes an editorial piece done by Gabriela, Molly interviewing the schools student body president and hearing from Keenan about what course his schoolmates would choose if they had to do one for the rest of their life. Last week Morden Collegiate also hosted a career symposim, you can find some pictures from the day below.



 In order of pictures, Gabriela and pal Kate, students hearing from Nicole Klassen about what she does with the Eagle 93.5, Cora Fijala the AAA Midget Player of the Week and your host Danielle.



October 13, 2018 - Carman Collegiate

Ben Peters is your host for this most recent Collegiate 411. In this show you hear from some of the new staff at Carman Collegiate, Mr. T, the new middle years guidance counselor as well as the new Industrial Arts teacher, Mr. Mahara. You get a quick blurb of everything happening at WC Miller Collegiate, Northlands Parkway Collegiate as well as Morden Collegiate in their MSIAM segments. Finally, tag along with Alex, Ben, Susie and Abby while they walk the halls and ask the new grade sixs and sevens think about being a part of the high school!




Above, the group of students from Carman Collegiate who had the opportunity to go to Winnipeg and hear stories and songs from Robb Nash.


Above, a few of WC Miller Collegiate students competing in a cross country race.


October 6, 2018 - Mennonite Collegiate Institute

Copy of IMG_8566.JPG


The first edition of Collegiate 411 for the 2018-2019 school year was hosted solo by Myrle. To share about the trip from Red Rock Bible Camp, Andrea interviewed Paul Peters, MCI's student life coordinater. You hear the Bluuuues News from Megan. What's the Buzz at MCI..? Dana and Jessie have the latest for you. Lastly, find out what the students enjoyed the most about their Red Rock Bible Camp trip.







 Mr Cullen's Film Class and Collegiate 411 Team!

Emily and Kenzie host the final show for the year from NPC in Winkler!  Nick and Freddy swoop in with the Nighthawk News, 

Graham Giesbrect and Matt Fehr interview NPC Baseball Team player Adam Klassen about the season this year,

Stephan Dyck and Dustin Paul satisfy your hunger for knowledge and fill you in on the Hungry Games in this week's Buzz

and Summer Plans was the topic of discussion with students in What's Your Take? 





sc elections morden collegiate 01\

Morden Student Council Elections for next year are a topic in this week's Buzz


Alicia Brodie & Vanessa Wiebe are graduating this year and hosted their final Collegiate 411.  Jana Biz, also graduating this year, brings you the Thunder News!

Seth Froese talks with Thomas Titchkosky and Mr Schellenberg about the Baseball Season and

Jude Dayto challenges students to think before they vote in Student Council Elections in this week's Buzz.

Dani Chapman talks with Grads in What's Your Take? about what they are most excited about for Graduation!



Student Council Elections, The Last Dance - A Night in Paris and MCI's Bicycle Repair Shop





Kim & Geoff host their final show before Graduation and give a bit of insight into the world of transition in the Buzz with Matt Durand.

Ben brings you the Cougar News and travel around the world with Karen and Jaymen in the interview about the Grade 7 Expo.

Karen finds out what staff and students have planned for the first beautiful long weekend of the camping season in What's Your Take?






We are saying good-bye to a group of students from Mennonite Collegiate Institute who have made Collegiate 411 "their own"!

Bob and Conn (famous for making What's Your Take? - What's Up With That?) join Georgia as hosts for their final show before they graduate into the "World Unknown"!

We also hear their final What's Your Take? 

Sam decides to brand The Buzz to a new name, "Segments with Sam", before setting off into the "Real World"

and Shania brings you, what we all know as, The Bluuues Newwwws!  Enjoy!






Hulda Neufeld  tours you around the hallways of Garden Valley Collegiate, for her last time today, as host of this week's show!

Mackenzie Thiessen brings you the Zodiak News, talks with Manuela Price about his transition into the final year of high school in the interview,

sounds off on the Buzz about Youth in Philianthropy and the great work they are doing to give back to community and 

Mack hits the hallways to findout how students are or are not involving themselves in Pay it Forward May in What's Your Take?






jersey day humboldt broncos

(All pictures courtesy of  miammedia Twitter page)


Devon Klassen hosts your show from Miami School.  Jenna updates you on the Marlin News and

Michael talks with Paige McDonald about her upcoming trip to France with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Volleyball Team.

Jillian Livingston is not short on words about Exams in this week's Buzz and 

staff and students take time to reinforce why Mrs Stockford is the BEST MATH TEACHER around in 

What's Your Take?






IMG 1904MIller Aces and Altona Panthers


Silas Geworsky and Sam Milner are your hosts for this week's show!

Abby Plett and Josie Yan update you on the Aces News while Linda Penner talks with Jayden about her trip to our nation's capital with Forum for Young Canadians.

Kennedy and Mackenzie share about their Spring Break trip to Europe and 

Staff and Students tell us in What's Your Take? about their plans to enjoy the great outdoors as Spring has FINALLY arrived!!!







carman cougars jersey day

Carman Collegiate Jersey Day for Humbolt Broncos


Kim Nicolajsen guides this week's show from Carman Collegiate.

Karen brings you the Cougar news while Ben Peters talks with the new grade 7 teacher and Kim reminisces with Emily about their Spring Break trip to Europe.

Students and staff held a fundraiser to show support for the Humboldt Broncos team and share their thoughts in What's Your Take?



carman cougars humbolt fundraiser



justin pauls stephan dyck

Stephan and Justin - Hosting this week's show


Stephan Dyck and Justin Pauls host Collegiate 411 from NPC this week!  Catch up on the Night Hawk News, get some University Prep advice from Chris in the Buzz and learn about Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) in the Interview!  What's Your Favorite Sport?  Students sound off on their favorite sport in What's Your Take?






banner pic


This week Seth and Arianne host Collegiate 411 from Morden Collegiate,

Vanessa brings you the Thunder News and Alicia sounds off on unpredictable weather in the Buzz,

Ashlyn helps us get to know Ms Whitney and Gabriel joins Ashlyn for What's Your Take on Spring Break!



Highlights from Spirit Week at Morden Collegiate





Scott as Ren 3 

Footloose the Musical


Tune in as Georgia takes you through another great show from MCI Gretna!

She interviews Player of the Game, Carter about Basketball Provincials and

Scott Dyck brings you the Bluues Newws.

March has been hectic and Sam sounds off in the Buzz about all the activities that have kept students busy this month,

Bob and Con are back with another edition of "What's Up with THAT?" featuring their moms and students talking about 

Basketball Provincials hosted by MCI this month.



Some great pics from the Footloose Musical and Basketball Provincials






Hulda Neufeld is at the GVC helm for Collegiate 411 from Garden Valley Collegiate. 

Mac Thiessen brings you the latest Zodiak News and Buzzes about the Peer Tutoring Program.

Manuella Price talks with Mr Brendan Neufeld about the Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball Season and 

she gets the student's thoughts on the "Fan Bus" in What's Your Take?




IMG 2444


Join Devon Klassen your host for this week's show from Miami School!

Michael Elias delivers the Marlin News right to you while

Erik gets all the details from Anne and Mrs Nichol about the upcoming theatre production and

Hannah Packham inspires us to get into Spring Cleaning on the Buzz.

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, students talk about their favorite wild animals in What's Your Take?

What's YOUR favorite wild animal?





altona hockey playoffs


Silas Geworsky and Sam Milner are your on air hosts for Collegiate 411 this week.

Abi Plett gives you the details of school life and extra curriculars in the Aces News.

Reese Dayton tells all in the interview about the work of Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) and 

Josie Yan gets behind the spirit of volunteers at Miller in the Buzz 

and what Winter Game sports are grabbing the attention of staff and students at Miller?  Find out in What's Your Take?





Chris, Dawson and James take turns behind the mic as your hosts for this week's Collegiate 411.

Stephan Dyck and Justin Pauls bring you the Nighthawk News and happenings around NPC.

Nick talks with Mr Voth about the upcoming Intramurals - there is so much to choose from!

Matt, Adam and Graham cover the Pinja Warrior Game that is keeping thing thrilling in the hallways in the Buzz!

What is everyone watching during the Winter Games in South Korea?  Find out in What's Your Take? 




morden feb 10 01

Hosts from Morden Collegiate Dani Chapman & Seth Froese


Dani and Seth steer you through a show filled with information about Morden Collegiate!

Maddie Meilun gets you up to date with the Thunder News,

Arianne Mariano goes one on one with Yana Biz in the interview

Vanessa Wiebe delves into Political Correctness in the Buzz,

and Mack Walske wraps up the show with What's Your Take? on Semester 2


morden feb 10 02



carman collegiate ben peters


Kim and Geoff are having a lot of fun this week hosting this week's Collegiate 411 from Carman Collegiate!

Karen joins the Collegiate 411 team and brings you the Cougar News and

gets the "read" for I Love to Read Month on what books people like in What's Your Take?

Ben Peters (pictured above in his new Collegiate 411 Hoody Sponsored by Access Credit Union) interviews new teacher to Carman Collegiate Mrs Siguardson.

Miranda talks to Portage Pitbull Football Team Member Jayden Schindle about his trip to San Antonio in February.






01 coll 411 gretna jan 27

What's Up with Conn's Mennonite Studies project?


Bob and Conn, recently promoted to hosts of Collegiate 411 for MCI Gretna, add a lot of personality to today's show!

Do you need to know when Grad photos are going to be taken?  Georgia will tell you in the Bluuues Neewwwws!

Shania gets a calculated interview with Sol Schlegel in the interview about the Provincial Math Exam and 

Bob and Conn head to Conn's house to find out What's Up with his Mennonite Studies Project!  (check out the pics below!)









Thanks to our Collegiate 411 Sponsor Access Credit Union for the new Collegiate 411 Hoodies! Mack Thiessen and Hulda Neufeld with Robyn!


Hulda Neufeld leads you through this week's show with her wit and wisdom!

Mack Thiessen covers the Zodiak News, the Buzz on the Skills Competition, GVC style,

and heads to the halls to "Space Out" in What's Your Take!

Manuella Price talks with Mr Jantzen about the Skills Competition in the Interview

to help us get the full look at this amazing opportunity for kids!



IMG 0455

 Alicia Brodie and Vanessa Wiebe Collegiate 411 Team from Morden Collegiate with their new hoodies!



Devin Klassen hosts your show this week!   We will be dreaming with students in honor of Make a Wish Day in What's Your Take?  

Kezia Swain will talk about the Winter Blues in the Buzz while MIchael Penner interviews Mr Blagdon about the Europe Trip.

Tarran brings you the Marlin News - highlighting the talent show, exams, school calendar events and a bit about the upcoming ski trip. 




winter classic 05

Abby Plett hosts this week show from WC Miller in Altona.  Silas Geworsky brings you the Aces News,

Mr Friesen steps in for Josie Yan in the Buzz to talk about COLD TEMPERATURES and

Sam Milner gives us the all access pass on Gym Renos with Principal Angela Pilkington

finally, find out what staff and students are doing over the holidays in What's Your Take?





This week Levi and Josiah are back behind the mic for Norhtlands Parkway Collegiate in Winkler as hosts for this week's show!

Bailey and Alina bring you the Nighthawk news and Chris Peters interviews a student about the Drafting Teacher Mr Dryden.

Jordan and Artem put their heads together to create the Buzz piece sharing thier opinion on Justin Trudeau's leadership.

And the kids experience the "force" in What's Your Take? on Star Wars characters!





IMG 1953

Morden Collegiate's Band and Choir Concerts (pic courtesy of MCI Twitter page)


Danielle Chapman is your cheery host for Collegiate 411 this week! 

Arianne Mariano brings you the Thunder News

and Alicia Brodie talks with Evan Wursch, Captain of the Thunder Hockey team about the season and upcoming Hockey games

while Vanessa Wiebe sounds off on the unpredictable weather in the Buzz! 

Cindy Lam takes us through the hallways of Morden Collgiate getting the scoop on Pie and Ice Cream!





01 carman dec 2



Your host, Kim Nicolajsen takes you through this week's show with

Ben Peters getting us better aquainted with the new Jr High Student Council and

later in the Buzz he talks with Kim and Geoff Hodson about the upcoming theatre production.

Makayla Reimer brings you the Cougar News and Amanda helps you get Christmas gift ideas for the 

teenagers in your life with the What's Your Take question on Gift Ideas for Christmas!



02 carman dec 2








Bob and Conn have a regular segment here on Collegiate 411 and you will not want to miss What's Up with That? (usually known as What's Your Take)

BUT... somehow they ALSO became the hosts for the show too!

Listen as Bob and Conn cleverly tease you through a great show with

The Bluuues Newwws from Shania, a Buzz about being a new student at MCI with Sam

and Georgia interviews Carter about the very successful volleyball season!



A few Volleyball Highlights and MCC Day pics from Mennonite Collegiate




Another great show from Hulda Neufeld, Mack Thiessen and Manuella Price filled with creativity and great information about Free Toast & Parking Problems!




Devin Klassen is you host his week from Miami School.  Michael brings you the Marlin News while Jillian Livingston brings you the Buzz on Fake News,

Jeremy will help us get to know Mr Langill and his daughter Nhu in the interview. 

Students and staff tell us what they would say to a Veteran on Remembrance Day in What's Your Take?





sam milner batman labelled


It's great to hear Sam Milner back behind the microphone for Collegiate 411 this week! 

Abby Plett brings you the Aces News while Silas Jaworski introduces you the new Student Body President Jayden Friesen_Kehler and

Josie Yan talks Halloween in this week's Buzz asking the question:  How old is too old to go Trick or Treating? 

Finishing off the show, staff and students sound off on What's Your Take on Scary Movies? 


Here are some of the pics of costumes seen in the hallways of WC Miller this past week!



Students from all over the Pembina Valley went to Access Credit Union here are some of the pictures they sent in!



This week Flyan Kopp and Chris Peters take turns hosting the show with creativity and flare!  Josiah and Levi share an energetic news segment giving you the latest in sports, We Day and more.  Artem talks with Mr Froese about the lesser known facts of the Art Program at NPC.  And Alena and Bailey share about the upcoming musical Nov 30- Dec 1st then find out what scares students the MOST in What's Your Take?  




mci girls soccer finalists2 


Vanessa Wiebe is your host for this third edition of Collegiate 411 for the 2017-2018 School Year!  Claudette Brodie shares the News with you and Alicia Brodie talks with Soccer Provincial Champ and MVP Eric Buschmann in the Interview.  Vanessa enlightens us about two new courses in Morden Collegiate that focus on Aboriginal and Indigenous Studies while Cassidy Currie and Molly Wieler hit the hallways to get the scoop on What's Your Favorite Part of the School Year so Far? 





varsity cougars cross country champs

(photos courtesy of @CarmanCougars on twitter)


Kim Nicolajsen, a senior at Carman Collegiate, hosts this week's show and gives us a great interview with upcoming musician and student at Carman Collegiate. Faouzia Ouihya, Mackayla Reimer makes her Collegiate 411 News debut and Ben Peters introduces us to Mr. Vanstone, a new teacher to the school, in the Buzz!  With all the construction going on at the school Jarrod Manness spoke to teachers about their new classrooms in What's Your Take?



gretna lead pic


Georgia is your host for this week's show!  Carter brings you the Bluuues Newwws while Scotty talks with brand new student Owen about his first Red Rock Experience and Shania brings her mixed emotions to the Buzz on her FINAL Red Rock Experience as a Grade 12 student.  Bob and Con are back at What's Up with That? bringing student voice to the airwaves!  Welcome back everybody! is your only local source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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