While Winkler city officials are calling the newest composting initiative a success, they hope to dispel some lingering confusion.

The city reminds residents small compost liners will not be picked up at the curb.

"We're encouraged to see as many people using the kitchen composters as there are," Director of Works and Operations Pete Froese says, adding others have expressed a desire to participate, but questions as to the proper procedure.

Froese explains much of the confusion surrounds the small compost liner.

He notes the compost liner should not be left on the curb, which is susceptible to being ravaged by animals, "and making a bigger mess than anticipated."

Instead, Froese encourages residents to place the compost liners in a suitable plastic container (preferably green), such as a pail clearly marked "compost" on all sides. Compost can also be added to a compostable paper yard bag.

Another alternative, Froese says, is renting large green compost carts which can be shared among neighbours.

For those living in an apartment building whose property manager has not provided composting services, he notes food waste can be dropped off at the public compost site at 345 1st Street.

"We're hoping not to frustrate anyone," Froese says, adding they welcome all calls and questions.

"We hope people don't lose heart, we hope they keep composting," he says.

Since rolling out the kitchen composters three weeks ago, Froese says they've already seen a decrease in waste heading to landfills.

Estimates suggest 40 percent of all materials in the landfill could be composted.

compost pailsDirector of Works and Operations Pete Froese with City Councillor Marvin Plett. While the kitchen compost pails will allow for convenient storage in the kitchen, residents are encouraged to empty the container into a compostable paper yard waste bag or clearly marked container on garbage day for curbside pickup

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