Take aim at amazing prizes with Dust Bunny Battleship! We're taking the fight to spring cleaning one cannonball launching listener at a time.  Listen multiple times each weekday for your cue to call.  Select a grid location to fire your shot, and wait for the "hit" or "miss!"  If you hit a ship, you're automatically invited to our grand prize event on April 20th, where 5 people will go home with one of these amazing prizes!


- Exterior house cleaning package from G & R Mobile Wash

- Dishwasher from Sawatsky's Furniture and Appliances

- Handheld Vacuum from Janzen's Paint and Decorating

- Interior Vehicle Detailing from Skyline Autobody

- Carpet Cleaning Package from Corner to Corner Cleaning & Restoration


Check back daily for an updated grid with "Hits" and "Misses" so that you can better plot your next attack!
New board - Updated April 20th, 7:20AM - Find the 5 hidden lifeboats.


 dust bunny battleship board apr20 715

 Loretta Waddingham is our first Qualifier with D-9!!


Jessica Tackeberry and Rhonda Friesen qualified with I-5 and I-6 - Those are good eyes!


Terri Peters, Marilyn Elias, and Duane Cobb were our winners on Tuesday morning!

Two winners on Wednesday morning! Tamara Butterfield and Kevin Oestreicher struck hard!


Nicole finally clinched her spot in the Dust Bunny Battleship Grand finale


Thursday morning had two lucky shots! Tim Newman and Dylan Sanders (after mulitple trys) were our winners!


Rosland Myerion shot down a lifeboat with a great shot on Monday moring!


Marge Enns mercilessly sunk a life boat on Tuesday morning!



Rules and Details:

- Must be 18+ to win

- Only one qualifier per household

- Gameboard consists of a 10X10 grid. 

- There are 5 "ships" hidden on the grid.  1 - 5 square ship, 1 - 4 square ship, 2 - 3 square ships, 1 - 2 square ship.

- Total of 17 spaces on the grid that are considered a "hit" in Round 1.

- Round 2 has a new board with 5 "lifeboats" hidden in the 10x10 grid.  A lifeboat takes one square of the grid.

- Hitting a square that is considered a "hit" will result in an invitation to the grand prize event.

- Grand prize event will be hosted at Sawatsky's Furniture and Appliances, 890 Thornhill St. in Morden on Friday, April 20th.  Registration is from 6:30-7:00 PM. 

- Event begins at 7:00 PM.


The completed grid for Round 1.

dust bunny battleship board completed round1 apr12

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