There are good Halloween candy replacement ideas...and then there are ideas that are dangerous for your property's well-being.  Like Dole Mini Salads, which thankfully were just a joke that "Adam the Creator" made and posted on Instagram.  But it did get the reaction that he was probably looking for.  Mostly outrage, but a few people asking where to get them.

There are movements out there for a healthier or more inclusive Halloween for kids with things like nut allergies, or those who can't have artificial dyes.  It started in 2014.  What you're supposed to do is put a teal coloured pumpkin out to show trick-or-treaters that you have healthy alternatives.  It could be a nut-free or dye-free treat, but it could also be alternatives like small modeling clay containers or stickers, etc.

Regardless of how you handle the giving of treats on the home front, you still have to worry about what to do with the haul of candy that the kids bring home.  Morden Police Chief Brad Neduzak has some tips on that front.

After you've gone through your child's candy stash, you'll probably still find that there's way too much and you may not want them to consume EVERYTHING in the bag.  In recent years, stories of mystical creatures have been circulating, but it can go by a few different names.  The Candy Fairy, The Halloween Fairy, The Great Pumpkin or the Switch Witch to name a few.  Don't worry, she's a friendly witch!  The idea is that your child can go hog wild when they get home on the 31st, but after gorging on candy, they set aside a pre-determined number of treats to be eaten in the future.  The remaining candy is put in a bag at the foot of the bed or by the front door.  While they're sleeping that night, the Switch Witch will happily wander in and trade that extra candy for a new book, a new toy, or a little money.

Now "witch bribery" may not be the method of choice, but it could be a nice alternative to consuming al of the candy.  Especially if they are one of those children (like me) who has no restraint and will finish up a pillowcase worth of goodies in about a week. is your only local source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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