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Those who attended the PVUU on Sunday Jan 7, 2018


A new group has started to meet in the Morden Regional Library Sunday afternoons at 3pm called the Pembina Valley Unitarian Universalists.  We sat down with one of the founding members and the Head of Outreach, Demian Vaisius to learn more.

There are Unitarian Universalist Communities all across Canada.  It's is a non-demoninational group that meets, like a church would meet, but instead of coming together with one faith or belief system, welcome all people including people of all faiths such as Christians and Buddists and no faiths, such as Atheists.   There are sources and principles that provide the guidelines and comminalities of these gatherings based on respect, dignity peace and other kinds of ideas. You can learn more here about them.

The purpose is to learn from each other and to grow together in a safe and open space in the community that brings people together in love and respect for differences.  Each meeting starts and ends with the same two songs that have been written by someone from Morden.  There is a time of sharing amongst members to catch up on the week and then a designated speaker shares something they are passionate about with the group.

Demian shares how someone is designated to speak and on what topic each week:


Most groups that meet have a common faith.  How do you find a place where you all agree?


What role does diversity play in Unitarian Universalist meeting?


pvuu logo


How do differing faiths fit together?


What attracted you to the Pembina Valley Unitarian Universalists?


PVUU hopes that people who have not found a place to belong in the community will come and find a safe space to grow and feel connected.  This group is open to anyone in the community regardless of background who is interested in learning and being curious.  To learn more and to meet with PVUU they are having an Open House Jan 17th at the Morden Library from 7-9 in the back meeting room.



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