We love living in Manitoba! Whether you love a Manitoba winter or not, is up to you. One thing is for sure...this winter, the Pembina Valley will be "Freezin For A Reason."

Winning amazing winter prizes is super easy! Just fill out the entry form and we'll take care of the rest. Enter as many times as you want!

Each week, we'll draw 7 random names and assign them to a day of the week. If the lowest temperature of your given day meets or exceeds the target temperature for that week, you're up for some pretty amazing prizes.


1) November 5 - December 1st - Target Temperature: -15 C
2) December 2 - December 29 - Target Temperature: -20 C * no names drawn for Dec 24 & 25
3) December 30 - January 26 -Target Temperature: -25 C

At the end of each "stage", all those who met or exceeded their target temperature will be put into a draw for the prize(s) designated for that period. Their name also goes into the final draw happening at the end of January, where we'll give away our final prizes from Greenvalley Equipment and OK Tire. Additional prizes will be randomly awarded weekly.

Rules and Regulations


names jan20

Stage 1 Qualifiers who have hit their -15°C target temp (Names are also in Grand Prize draw)

- Tena Banman (Nov 9)

- Phillip Friedrich (Nov 10)

- Eva Unrau (Nov 12)

- Pete Bueckert (Nov 13)

- Duane Cobb (Nov 17)

- Anita Harder (Nov 18)

- Brad Miljour (Nov 19)

- Erin Ingram (Nov 25)

- Morgan Dyck (Nov 26)

- Jacob Wall (Nov 27)

Stage 2 Qualifiers who have hit their -20°C target temp (Names are also in Grand Prize draw)

-Tyler Hamm (Dec 06)

- Jake Redekkopp (Dec 28) 

Stage 3 Qualifiers who have hit their -25°C target temp (Names are also in Grand Prize draw)

- Abe Harder (Dec 31)

- Henry Nickel (Jan 1)

- Don Hiebert (Jan 16)

 - Paul Verhaeghe (Jan 18)


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