A picture from Semenowich's May 2010 trip to Haiti, she walks with a little girl near an earthquake damaged church. All pictures from Absolute Leadership Development's Facebook page.


A couple from Winkler will be part of a group of 76 people leaving this weekend for Dominican Republic where they will do a wide variety of community work, including constructing homes for needy families. Aelea Semenowich and her husband John Plett will be leaders on the Absolute Leadership Development trip.

Absolute Leadership Development, founded in 2000, is a federally incorporated charity. According to its website... "From taking hundreds of students to engage in humanitarian relief work to presenting a message of hope to hundreds of thousands, each year Absolute continues to empower a generation to live with purpose - and to change their world."

Semenowich tells us the group is being divided into four teams, each will build a home for a specific family.

The group will also be doing something called In Your Shoes Work Experience that will see them picking for recyclables in an area garbage dump, something some Haitian immigrants do when they arrive in Dominican Republic to make a living.



Semenowich and another Haiti participant work on a home near Port-au-Prince


Semenowich feels it will be a life changing experience for the group, adding participants will certainly grow spiritually.

This isn't the first Absolute Leadership Development trip for the couple. Both previously participated in a trip to Port au Prince, Haiti in May 2010 only a few short months after a devastating earthquake in that country. Semenowich says on that excursion a lot of their work was with area orphanages.

Semenowich and Plett return home mid July.



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