Semenowich and her team standing in the home they are helping build.


A Winkler couple has recently returned from a mission trip through a foundation called Absolute Leadership Development. Aelea Semenowich and her husband John Plett had the opportunity to be leaders in a group of 72 people that travelled to the Dominican Republic this month.

Semenowich says most of the people in their group were in the 16 to 18 year old range and it was very rewarding to see the impact being in this environment had on them.

While in the Dominican the group worked on building a new home for a under privileged family in which two generations would be living. Semenowich says one of the most important things they had to complete on this house was making sure the foundation was high enough to keep out the water. Flooding homes is a wide spread problem in that particular area.

Another experience they had while on their trip involved working in a garbage dump with Haitians who were stateless, people that are not acknowledge by the Dominican Republic as citizens.   

Semenowich says this has been an incredibly rewarding experience for her and her husband. She adds they hope to travel to Thailand next year with the Absolute Leadership Development foundation. She adds while in Thailand they will be working with children that have been sold as slaves. They would have the opportunity to work with them and be part of their rehabilitation process.


A picture of the garbage dump Semenowich and her team worked in.




Semenowich and her team celebrating in the completed home they'd been working on.
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