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Group shot of the Hero Holiday team and the kids and staff at the Children's Home. All photos courtesy of Aelea Semenowich


Winkler resident and fellow Golden West Radio employee Aelea Semenowich has just returned from her third Live Different Hero Holiday Trip .

For the last two weeks, this humanitarian has been working in a children's home in Thailand. She talks about the children she got to meet while working there.
"These are all kids who have been living there because they've been rescued out of exploitive situations, whether it's human trafficking and the sex trade, slavery, maybe they've been orphaned from AIDS or Malaria or they have parents who are addicted to drugs and other situations where they just can't care of the kids."

This is the third trip Semenowich has taken through the Live Different Organization. She went to Haiti and The Dominican Republic in the past two years as well.

Semenowich says the situations were so different during her three trips with Live Different. While in Thailand, she had the chance to write a blog on the Live Different website about the differences in her trips, but she adds this trip to Thailand was her favourite.     

"I definitely love the work they do in Thailand because kids and youth have so much potential and for these kids, coming from backgrounds where they've just been looked upon as almost nothing, it's great to see how they're all developing and becoming leaders in the change against the kind of situations that their facing."

This humanitarian work has now become her life long ambition says Semenowich. She explains this kind of work has always sounded like a great thing to try, and she knew that even as a youth. But she adds now that she has experienced first hand what it's like on these trips and in these other countries, she has realized this isn't something she only wants to try, but to make it something she devotes her life to.

Here is the entire interview with reporter Vickie Addison and Aelea Semenowich.

Here are some photos from her trip.


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