crow wing trail bridge
photo courtesy of the Manitoba Recreational Trails Association website

The Crow Wing Trail, a part of the Trans Canada Trail that goes coast to coast and connects three oceans, is being preserved.   Emerson Mayor Wayne Arseny is one of the people trying to preserve this trail. “Municipalities Ritchot, RM De Salaberry, Franklin, Town of Emerson, and other communities like St. Malo and St. Pierre all banded together to form a recreational trail 193 km long from Emerson to the flood way.”

Arseny says that it has been an operation for quite some time now. Communities have been doing their part in mowing their sections, but the distances in between are so great and they hold some formidable challenges.

He says the main thing that they are doing is making the trail more accessible for people. “Well most people when they are out walking are not carrying a chainsaw, or a hand saw, or loppers or whatever else. We are using equipment and some of it has to be heavy. Some of the trees that are down across the trail are a good size.” Taking care of the obstacles on the trail such as trees and mowing the grass six feet wide is a way the trail becomes accessible for everyone.

Arseny talks about how the trail runs right along the 49th parallel.

Arseny says the reason he is doing this is because he is a trail developer in Emerson. There is 26 km of the trail in Emerson alone and it is part of a national trail network.

He goes on to say how beautiful the terrain is and that you don't really know how big the terrain is until you get out there and all you can see in canola fields and soy beans and no trees for miles.

Arseny also talks about what it was like mowing all of this and how long it took.

He says along the way you meet people that might ask you questions as well. “There was one farmer that's having problems with bears so he kind of wanted a bear report to see whether we'd seen a bear on the trail. We saw evidence of that bear but luckily we didn't meet the bear ourselves.”

Arseny adds that they would like the motorized vehicles to respect the trails, to stay on them and off the farmers fields. He also encourages to check the jurisdiction you're riding in to make sure motor vehicles are allowed on the trail in your area. is your only local source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.