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Semenowich and her group on their Hero Holiday trip to Thailand

Golden West Radio employee Aelea Semenowich has decided to leave the world of radio behind and focus on humanitarian work.

Semenowich explains as of this weekend she will be living in Half Moon Bay, California to take part in a fellowship offered by Not For Profit organization Not For Sale. Semenowich explains Not For Sale is committed to ending modern day slavery and human trafficking in our time. She says this may seem like a bold goal but it is in fact very attainable. She adds the more people get involved and on board or even get educated on the fact that modern day slavery is still an issue in this day and age the sooner it's going to come to an end.

She will be in California from July 9th to December 15th and in that time will be taking part in two very important projects.

"There are two things I'll be involved with so far, every year in November they do a big global forum. So for absolutely anyone who is interested in human trafficking, what different organizations are doing to combat it, what ways they can get involved, they host this big weekend long conference so I'll be involved with that. I'll also be working on their world tour which is something new their starting to do. They're kicking it off this year actually, they're going to 42 different cities in California, they're kind of hosting a big day of events.

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She talks about what her plan is when she returns from California in December.

Semenowich says she loves doing humanitarian work and this is a long time dream of hers.

"My husband and I have gone to Haiti, Dominican, and Thailand and I feel like it was really time to pursue that full time. I would love to be involved in non profit, see where I can kind of fit and have that be a full time job as opposed to something I get to do every now and then. So I figured an internship is the perfect opportunity to just dive right in."

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