friesens newpress1 2015The 500,000 pound press arrived in crates Monday. It'll take several days before crews will have all the crates open and pieces ready to be assembled.

A key piece of equipment arrived yesterday that will significantly change how Friesens Book Division in Altona stakes its mark in the publishing field. President and CEO Curwin Friesenfriesens newpress2 2015 says the large-format, sheet-fed press is a unique machine, one of only three in the world with this type of configuration and size. The press weighs in around half a million pounds, is over one hundred feet long and sits between twelve and fourteen feet in the air, twice the size of the current presses running at Friesens. The machine also boasts several additional on-board computers.


Friesen explains acquiring the machine was a progression forty years in the making. "We started with a forty inch press that could do a sixteen page print signature and then in the 80s we moved to fifty inches, we were the first in the industry to do that, and that doubled the size of our press sheet and allowed us to be very competitive and now we're doubling again. Now we're going to run a sixty-four page print section." He adds the press offers operators a chance to run one of the most advance pieces of equipment in the publishing industry.


Overall, Friesen says this new press will allow the company to increase its competitiveness. "It's certainly going to allow us to do more with the customers we do have, but it'll also friesens newpress3 2015A crane lifts one of the giant crates off a semi trailerallow us to move up in some work that our presses were too small or too slow to be able to go after those markets efficiently or effectively."

The press is only one of three of its kind in the world. The other two machines operate in large centres in Italy and Germany. "It's good company to be in" notes Friesen.


friesens newpress4 2015The concrete form where the new press will sit is your only local source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.