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As we enter into the month of February a shift is occurring. Plant growers feel it, and I sense those pondering their gardens feel it too.

Though the weather can still play havoc in February with fluctuating temperatures, it is the sunlight that we see dominating this change. We notice the lengthening minutes of daytime, anticipating each days gained sunlight. Paired with this, we feel the increasing warmth of the sun often through our home and car’s windows. The warmth is welcomed.

The increased hours of sunlight plays a factor in the plant world. Tropical plants in our homes begin to waken. The chlorophyll (greenery) in plants comes alive by absorbing the light’s energy stimulating growth. It is the signal for them to be active; a signal for plant lovers to take action.

It is time for gardeners to think about setting programs for seeding. Depending on the chosen types of plants and seed, February marks the very beginning of gardening. Growers on the Prairies begin to set select varieties of seed perennials, and annual selections which require longer germination times, or have a lengthened maturity time from early plant stages to bloom.

Bulbs too, such as begonias are often sought out in February in order to get them rooted early. Not all seeds and bulbs require an early start in February, so it is best to check the sow date recommendations on each packet selected.

February is just the beginning. The grower soils are mixed, seed trays are filled in readiness of having seeds nestled on top. Apply moisture; give it light and warmth and watch a miracle of a seed emerge into the warmth of the sun. Tropical plants awaken to the stimulus of the sun’s source as we too lean toward its growing warmth.

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