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Ahhhh, can you feel it? We still get the heat of the day, but we are also cooling down. The breeze has a coolness to it, and night time sleeping with the window open is refreshing.

Our plants too welcome the shift in seasons and the coolness. We begin to notice the slight tinge of leaf color change, with thoughts turning to the warm color tones of the autumn ahead. Some of our plants, mostly the “cool” loving crops such as snapdragons, ornamental kales and the showy ornamental grasses, boast texture and color telling us they are indeed ready for the cooler temperatures ahead.

A reminder, again, to water your viable plants still as there is still energy in them. For those which yielded in the excessive heat of summer, they have made space for new plantings, possibly jewel tone mums, ornamental peppers or burgundy tone annual grasses… perfect for lingering displays in the months ahead. Also perfect for the time when bright orange pumpkins can be nestled among their display for an added charm!

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