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Meghan Kjartanson of Winnipeg is a Red River College student studying creative communications.

meghan 2Kjartanson enjoyed getting to know more about Manitoba. Photo courtesy of Meghan Kjartanson

As part of a project, Kjartanson has created a podcast that tells the stories behind giant statues that represent Manitoba's communities.

She estimates there are around 60 of these in Manitoba, and has chosen to cover 14 of them.

Her podcast features Tommy the Turtle in Boissevain, the Sunflower painting in Altona, and Treherne's glass bottle house and church.

"I tried to kind of cover a few everywhere. We went to Interlake, we did Melita, and Glenboro and Flin Flon," she said.

Kjartanson said Tommy the Turtle is one of her favourite stories.

TOMMY TURTLE 2013One episode is dedicated to Tommy the Turtle, the talking statue which represents Boissevain. Photo courtesy of Meghan Kjartanson

"I love the idea, I have to say that," she said, noting it has a very strong presence in the town. "I don't think any of the other statues talk."

She noted the stories and interviews are very different from one another. For example, one episode is about Morden's Fossil Discovery Centre about marine reptiles.

"That episode's quite different than the goose statue in Lundar, which is about geese and migration," Kjartanson explained.

Kjartanson has really enjoyed the podcast making process and encourages other to check out landmarks in their province.

"We have such a cool province and so much to go see," she said. "I really enjoyed not only seeing all the different places but meeting the people who live in there."

Currently, there are 5 episodes uploaded, and Kjartanson is working on editing the rest. She is also contemplating the idea of continuing on with the podcast once her college project is finished.

To listen to the podcast episodes visit the Manitoba Landmarks website, or search Manitoba Landmarks on Apple Podcasts.

There is an Instagram and Facebook page as well.

painting 1Another episode is about Altona's Van Gogh Sunflower replica painting in Altona

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Morden's New Internet Service Logo Contest

Morden’s exciting new internet service, Morenet, needs a logo. Enter your design in the competition! Click here for more details.

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