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Environment Canada says we could get up to 6 inches or 15 centimetres of snow over the weekend.

Meteorologist Terri Lang says there are two small systems making their way here from Alberta which are moving through over the next couple days. From those two systems, she notes we could get three or four centimetres of snow but Lang says they are tracking a bigger system coming from Montana that is expected to bring a lot more snow.

"Potentially anywhere from 10 to 15 centimetres of snow," she says, adding if that system takes a different track it could be even more.

"We know that those are the snowmakers for southern Manitoba, those Colorado lows, Wyoming lows or Montana lows depending on sort of the track that they take."

Lang says if it stays on the same track, they expect that system to roll in late Sunday into Monday.

Although the forecast is not calling for a mild weekend, Lang says the Montana low meshes well with the colder air.

"You will see the temperatures moderate somewhat but it's just the way the dynamics of the atmosphere work, just to bring more of that moisture available and it actually meshes with that colder air that's coming in from that arctic high and that's when you can get the heavier amounts."

Lang adds driving conditions could be affected over the weekend and she advises checking the latest forecast before planning an excursion.

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