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As we near the middle of January, some may be feeling the challenges of following through with their New Years Resolutions.
With societal pressures, some New Years resolutions to be multi-layered, making them much more difficult than originally thought says Shared Counsellor at the Agassiz Medical Centre Lindsay Hainsworth.LINDSAYHAINSWORTHLindsay Hainsworth Shared Counsellor at the Agassiz Medical Centre. 
These broad resolutions can be what can ends someone’s commitment to their resolution says, Hainsworth.
"This can be very overwhelming, and they don't know where to start. Encouraging people to break it down into smaller or more specific goals that are more time-limited."
Hainsworth explains the best way for people to maintain their conviction is to keep a positive attitude, be optimistic and celebrate the small victories, as any change in physical or mental health is a win.
Having a healthier body can have it’s own challenges, with the New Year’s a number of ‘fad diets’ have surfaced and can create confusion when it comes to calories says C.W Wiebe Medical Centre Dietitian Candice Comtois.
 CandaceComtoisCandice Comtois C.W Wiebe Medical Centre Dietitian
"It’s actually quite simple, when a person is wanting to lose some weight there is a lot of diets associated with that. At the end of the day it comes down to calories in versus calories out, that’s the law of energy."
Comtois describes this as a calorie deficit, burning more calories than are taken in. She says in order to lose one pound of fat a person must have a 3,500 calorie deficit.
This is a large number says Comtois, however, small changes made on a consistent basis add up.
When it comes to weight loss Comtois says it’s important to realize one’s relationship with food. She explains finding the reasons we eat, for comfort, from loneliness, or boredom, people have a great chance of making changes and becoming healthier.

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