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What's Happening

Reflexology Week with Stacy Schroeder

It's Reflexology week! Reflexologist Stacy Schroeder joined the morning show to talk all about how linked our feet are to our overall health. We also talked about some…

Person of the Day!

Monday, Sept 24 Today's Pembina Valley Person of the day is Melvin Dyck who has spent the past 25 years getting our children safely to school. He's a bus driver in the…

Ride A Thon For The Pembina Valley Bible Camp!

Ronny welcomed the Executive Director for the Pembina Valley Bible Camp, Chris Harms, to the Morning Show to get us ready for a Saturday full of riding! What Saturday is…

Laughs for the Pembina Valley Humane Society!

TWO special guests joined Ronny Guenther on The Eagle Morning Show to talk about Raise the Woof coming up! Well, Holly Thorne did most of the talking, Barry just came to…

Steve Mullin Talks Winkler Flyers

Ronny Guenther was joined by Steve Mullin on The Eagle Morning Show to talk about the upcoming Winkler Flyers hockey season. Steve first had to pass an NHL Goal Horn…

Fuel Good Day With Coop!

Connie Bailey joined Ronny on the Morning Show to chat about Coop, Fuel Good Day, and community! Ronny puts Connie through the 5 Second Rule. Connie talks about…

Beekeeper Ian Steppler Stops By!

The Eagle Morning Show had a "sweet" time when Ian Steppler dropped by to talk about Beekeeping. Ian has kept bees for many, many years and is full of fascinating…

Pembina Valley Payday - Season 4

It's the easiest job you'll ever have! There's no strenuous labour, no overtime, in fact, all you have to be is punctual! Beginning September 24th, we'll randomly show…

The Office Spelling Test!

Seeing that all the kids in the Pembina Valley are off to school this month, we thought it'd only be fair if we test Golden West employees to see if they are back to…

A Family Connection With Harness Racing In Southern Manitoba

Ronny welcomed Mike and Trevor Williams to the Morning Show to talk about what it's like to be in the business of harness racing. Ronny plays 5 Second Rule with Mike and…

Michael Penner Talks Bike for Kids

Michael Penner joined Ronny on the Eagle Morning Show to talk about the Bike for Kids coming up in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Altona! The morning kicked off…

Tractors Hitting The Road This Weekend In Roseisle

Ronny welcomed tractor enthusiast Curtis Cavers onto the Morning Show to get us excited for this weekend and what's happening in Roseisle! Curtis takes the 5 Second Rule…

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