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Time Out Sports Star Of The Month: February

februarysportsstarofthemonth camdyck 2017Cam Dyck (back row left hand side) with his Miami minor hockey team before practice.

The Time Out Sports, Sports Star of the Month for February belongs to Cam Dyck of Miami for his hard work and always making the kids he coaches have a smile on their face.

"I kind of thought you were joking at first," said Dyck who thought it was a joke when he was told that he was the Sports Star of the Month. "I'm flattered and honoured. I've loved it this year. I said to the guys that I would give my best shot. I've never coached before. We've had frustrating days as well, but it has been fantastic.

Dyck noted his favourite parts about coaching is pouring his energy into the kids, teaching them the life lessons through a team sport, pushing the kids hard and getting them to be the best that they can be, and seeing the kids improve throughout the year. 

According to Dyck it isn't just him making a difference with the kids as there are a number of people who help coach the team and make things fun. Dyck added the group of parents for this team is also unbelievable and have been supportive along the whole journey.

As for why he was nominated. Nominator Eddy Wiebe was just thrilled to see his kids enjoy going to the rink and enjoyed playing the sport of hockey with coach Dyck. 

"He's just a great coach and doing a wonderful job with the kids. The kids never complain about coming to the rink, that they don't want to. They are always excited to go to games and practices. They enjoy everything about hockey," said Wiebe. 

"It makes the parents happy and it's just great to see the kids have so much fun," added Wiebe. 

Wiebe stated with the amount of fun his kids and the rest of the team are having is good to see and is excited to see his kids take hockey even further after such a great experience this year. 

Eddy's submission for his kids hockey coach is as follows; Reason for nominating, he is a fantastic coach he really likes working with all the kids on his team. The kids are always smiling to go back on the ice, and the parents are always happy and willing to go to the rink 2 to 3 times a week. GO ROCKETS!


Time Out Sports Star Of The Month: January

everetthiebert january ssomEverett Hiebert - January Sports Star of the month laces up the skates for the Hockey Skills Academy in Altona

The Time Out Sports, Sports Star of the Month for January is going to Everett Hiebert for his commitment to being a trainer with the W.C. Miller Aces in Altona. Everett has a severe visual impairment, but doesn't let that stop him from doing the things he loves.

"I love watching hockey and being dedicated to the game," said Everett.

From getting the teams jersey's ready for the game, filling water bottles, prepping sticks, and so much more Everett is the go to man for the Aces and wouldn't have it any other way. He also helps motivate the players with a little pre-game speech every now and then. 

"You gotta be hungry for the puck. You can't let the puck sit in the middle of the ice or else the other team is going to get it. When you are in front of the net you have to keep your stick moving. You can't let them have the puck, you have to pretty much play keep away," said Everett when asked for a pre-game message.

Everett's mother, Charlene, is very proud of her son, and happy to see his positive attitude, determination, and commitment to the team get recognized. 

"I truly believe he deserves this. He is totally dedicated to his position as Aces' trainer. He takes it pretty serious," said Charlen. "He would like to be at the rink three hours before the game, but I tell him that's a little to early. Filling water bottles, getting the guys sticks ready, or what ever other jobs he's given. He's ready and willing to take it on and is ready to go.'

Not only is Evertt the trainer for the Aces high school hockey team in Altona, but he also laces up the skates during the local Hockey Skills Academy.

"It's nice. I enjoy playing hockey so it's nice. It doesn't work the same as everyone else, but it works for me and that's all I care about," said Everett.

"It's an inspiration as a mother. We all have our days when we feel sorry for ourselves, for smaller things, that we feel are big," added Charlene. "Then I look at Everett, standing there watching his team, knowing full well that he can't really see what's going on out there. That doesn't turn him away, he's always willing and ready."

Also at this time the Hiebert family is raising money for a pair of glasses for Everett. He has tried these glasses on before, and greatly improved his vision and even allowed him to watch a hockey game on a computer screen. These glasses are expensive, but in the end would greatly improve Everett's quality of life and allow him to see more of the game he loves, Hockey.


Time Out Sports Star Of The Month: December

bobmiller jaedenklassen decemberL:R - Bob Miller - December Sports Star of the Month with nominator Jaeden Klassen

The Time Out Sports, Sports Star of the Month for December goes to Bob Miller, for his continued effort and support of Winkler Minor Hockey.

"By my reaction from your phone call when you called me, I was a little shocked. I was a little taken back by it, but also was excited and happy that it happened," said Miller.

Miller is an assistant coach with the Pee Wee Gold Winkler Flyers team this season and has been a coach for roughly nine years.

"Sometimes wonder if you are making any difference in these young players or if you are having any impact. To receive something like this as a coach I think it's good to get that recognition because you can kind of feel that way," said Miller.

The nominator was Jaden Klassen, who is the the teams goaltender, and has been coached by Miller for a number of years. Klassen mentioned Miller has been one of his favourite coaches throughout his years playing hockey.

"Not losing confidence if we are done by a couple of goals," said Klassen, when asked about what the biggest thing Miller has taught him over the years. "Bob (Miller) will just bring the team back up and we will come back and win sometimes."

Klassen added not losing confidence is huge for a goaltender, because you won't stop many pucks if you don't believe that you can and will. 

"Bob (Miller) goes above and beyond for the kids. I think he's the only one of us coaches that's been at every practice, and he started a dry-land training once a week that he runs himself. The kids are lucky to have him as a coach," head coach Tyler Hildebrand said of Miller.

As for Miller's $50 gift card to Time Out Sports, he is looking at the possibility of using it to help pay for player-of-the-game awards in the second half of the season.

bobmiller flyers altona 2016Bob Miller and the Winkler Pee Wee Gold team pose for a photo after winning gold in the Altona tournament in November

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