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Time Out Sports Star Of The Month: April

cougarsvsthunder game2 2The Morden Thunder with the Zone 4 championship banner, earlier this year.

The sports star of the month for April goes to Jordan Blatz, who has been a fiercely dedicated athlete with the Morden Thunder hockey team, who won its third straight Zone 4 High School Hockey League championship earlier this hockey season.

"It's pretty cool and just an honour to be nominated, to begin with. I know there's a lot of athletes out there that could have easily won this award. I'm just thankful that Carmen (Wheeler) wanted to nominate me and I was able to win it."

Blatz was the captain of the Thunder this season and helped his team earn a first place finish in the league after the regular season with a 21-2-0-1 record, which was one point better than the Carman Cougars. Morden went on to beat the Cougars in the championship series, which Blatz stated he wasn't going to miss because of the shoulder injury he suffered earlier in the year. 

"Since I've started sports I want to win. I also want the whole team to succeed," said Blatz. "It was my last year, but no matter what I think I would've came back from it. When you love the game so much you want to be playing all the time and you want to be there for your teammates and coaches. I've been blessed to have great people around me all my life. I just wanted to make the most of it for my last year and do what I could for my team."

In the entry for Blatz Carmen Wheeler had explained how determined, driven, and hardworking Blatz is and thought he should be recognized for his hard work. 

"Mostly his drive and commitment to giving his best every time he goes out, with any of the sports he plays. For me, one of the biggest things is that he never needs to be acknowledged for all of the assets he has. He just goes out and does the best that he can every time," said Wheeler. 

Wheelers entry for Jordan read as follows; Jordan Blatz of the Morden Collegiate Thunder hockey team is a fiercely dedicated athlete. This season he quietly led his team by example. Shutting down the opposition's top scorers game after game, and leading the league as the top scoring defencemen. After separating his shoulder in the first round of the playoffs he chose to push through extreme pain returning to play in the final series and lead his team to a 3rd consecutive Zone 4 banner. Blatz is a determined, hardworking, shutdown defencemen with offensive upside whose full out effort earns him the respect of those who play both for and against him!

Time Out Sports Star Of The Month: March

kevinscott marchsportsstarofthemonth 2017Kevin Scott (back row, right side) with his 11-year-old soccer team last summer

The Time Out Sports`, Sports Star of the Month is Kevin Scott, who continues to step up and ref, volunteer, coach, and be involved in the world of sports even though his children are all grown up. 

"I didn't believe it. I do it for the fun. I don't do it for the glory or anything like that. I enjoy being involved and it's for the kids. It's a good cause and that's what I do it for," said Scott. 

Scott has been a hockey ref, volunteers on the Pembina Valley Hawks board, and even filled the void for a local soccer team, who wouldn't have been able to play because they didn't have a coach this past summer.

"He's a really hard-working guy and he cares a lot about the kids in the community and the kids in his family," said nominator Tracy Unrau. "He does what he can to make sure they can do the sports activities they want to do, even if that means giving up his free time."

According to Scott he doesn't do what he does for the recognition but likes to have the kids in Carman able to have fun participating in sports, getting active, and growing every season. 

As for his $50 gift card to Time Out Sports, he isn't sure what he'll be spending it on quite yet but hinted a new sweater could be in order. 

Unrau's submission to have Scott named our Sports Star Of The Month is as follows; Even though Kevin's kids have grown up he still refs and volunteers on the board for the Pembina Valley Hawks. He is busy all winter between doing both. If he's not refing, he's at a meeting or on the phone organizing things. He is also one of the conveners as well. He loves every minute of it. He also coached an 11-year-old soccer team this past summer for his niece, just so she could play, because they didn't have a coach. I think Kevin deserves this.

Time Out Sports Star Of The Month: February

februarysportsstarofthemonth camdyck 2017Cam Dyck (back row left hand side) with his Miami minor hockey team before practice.

The Time Out Sports, Sports Star of the Month for February belongs to Cam Dyck of Miami for his hard work and always making the kids he coaches have a smile on their face.

"I kind of thought you were joking at first," said Dyck who thought it was a joke when he was told that he was the Sports Star of the Month. "I'm flattered and honoured. I've loved it this year. I said to the guys that I would give my best shot. I've never coached before. We've had frustrating days as well, but it has been fantastic.

Dyck noted his favourite parts about coaching is pouring his energy into the kids, teaching them the life lessons through a team sport, pushing the kids hard and getting them to be the best that they can be, and seeing the kids improve throughout the year. 

According to Dyck it isn't just him making a difference with the kids as there are a number of people who help coach the team and make things fun. Dyck added the group of parents for this team is also unbelievable and have been supportive along the whole journey.

As for why he was nominated. Nominator Eddy Wiebe was just thrilled to see his kids enjoy going to the rink and enjoyed playing the sport of hockey with coach Dyck. 

"He's just a great coach and doing a wonderful job with the kids. The kids never complain about coming to the rink, that they don't want to. They are always excited to go to games and practices. They enjoy everything about hockey," said Wiebe. 

"It makes the parents happy and it's just great to see the kids have so much fun," added Wiebe. 

Wiebe stated with the amount of fun his kids and the rest of the team are having is good to see and is excited to see his kids take hockey even further after such a great experience this year. 

Eddy's submission for his kids hockey coach is as follows; Reason for nominating, he is a fantastic coach he really likes working with all the kids on his team. The kids are always smiling to go back on the ice, and the parents are always happy and willing to go to the rink 2 to 3 times a week. GO ROCKETS!


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