Winkler's George Street Reservoir project is completed. Mayor Henry Siemens says the major rehabilitation of the concrete structure cost about $1.2 million.

"It's nice to be able to see it back online, it's a significant part of our water infrastructure," noted Siemens. "It holds 13.7 million liters of water, and it makes sure there's water when we need water."

The large concrete building is able to store 4 to 5 days of average water use for city residents, and has been offline since early October. To put the amount into perspective, the Winkler Water Treatment plant's storage tank on the northside of the city holds about a half day's worth of water.

"When we look at it now, a project that was built originally in 1989, now that we've had about $1.2 million worth of work done on it, to know it remains structurally sound, and will remain a key piece of our infrastructure, moving forward."

Siemens noted it's important to remember the people who had the vision to construct the reservoir nearly thirty-five years ago that continues to serve the community today.

"We as council want to make sure, in the decisions we make, that in the future some time, they will look back and say, 'Good decision,'" he said. "So as we look at our wastewater treatment expansion, water treatment and our arena renovation we want to make sure each one of those projects are done in a way they can serve our community for many years."