Altona and the Municipality of Rhineland are reviewing a neighbouring community's request to have access to the local landfill.

The RM of Montcalm wants to bring waste from its waste transfer facility to the Altona-Rhineland disposal grounds.

A number of municipalities in southern Manitoba no longer operate their own landfills due to high costs and strict regulations and have instead decided to pay to have their waste trucked off to a nearby landfill.

The Altona-Rhineland landfill is a Class 1 facility and Mayor Al Friesen notes this kind of request is not uncommon.

"We are approached from time to time for access to our landfill and we currently have an agreement with Roseau River First Nation, so when we get these kinds of requests ... we have to balance that opportunity to generate revenue with the capacity of the landfill site."

Friesen says their joint Altona-Rhineland Shared Services Committee is reviewing the request, will crunch all the numbers and then make a recommendation to both Altona and Rhineland councils in the near future.