The leader of Manitoba's municipal lobby group says members are disappointed to hear the province's education review won't include an examination of the sector's funding model.

Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen confirmed last week that while the extensive consultation process would include a wide range of topics such as student learning, teaching and whether to merge school divisions or get rid of them entirely, it would not tackle the issue of education funding and whether to discontinue local taxation.

Ralph Groening, President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM), says municipalities continue to press the group to lobby the province for a more equitable formula.

"I think often the assumption is made that it's the increase in farmland assessment that has triggered that, but that's simply not true, it's part of the push for a review," he explained. "The concerns that municipalities and cities are offering is that education funding based primarily on property tax and property assessment is not an equitable way to go."

As Groening understands, Manitoba is the last province in Canada to rely heavily on this formula to fund education.

He hopes the commission's final report will include some comments on the need for a funding formula review.

Overall, Groening says members are pleased there will be a review of the system.