Back to the Bible's mission to spread solid biblical teaching across Canada is heavily supported by donors in the Pembina Valley.

In fact, Southern Manitoba donations represent 40 percent of their annual budget.

"We've been blessed," Andy West with Back to the Bible Canada explains.

Their programming has been broadcast via radio for the past 60 years, reaching 35 million listeners every day in Canada "the power of radio is still one of the greatest mediums of communication," he says.

The Bible media ministry is led by Dr. John Neufeld and his vision to reach Canadians from coast-to-coast. "I have a dream," Neufeld says. "One day soon, it will be impossible to live in Canada without having to decide what to do with Jesus."

Comedy has also become a vital part of their radio format, partnering with speaker Phil Callaway, "that's where the connection starts," for many listeners, West says. "And then they start to explore Christianity."

Over the years, West adds they've regularly heard stories of lives changed after listeners catch one of their radio programs.

"We've had people tell us they had never understood Scripture until it's been presented in the way Dr. John does it," West says. "We hear these stories quite often, it's a very neat way the Lord is working."

Voice of Back to the Bible, Dr. John Neufeld, will be in Winkler June 15, along with comedian Phil Callaway for their annual golf tournament fundraiser.