Only seven months into the year, and Rhineland Municipality has already issued nearly double the value of building permits it did in all of 2016. Through July, about $13.6 million in building permits were issued compared to $7.3 million for all of last year.

Reeve Don Wiebe says the numbers clearly show the current strength of the ag sector. "When you look at our land being 95 to 96 per cent arable land, and all the things that go with it, agriculture and business should be doing well," explained Wiebe. "And also hopefully the industry connected to agriculture should be showing (strength), and I think that's what you're seeing here."

Wiebe notes expansions at Mandako in Plum Coulee, Blumengart and Horizon Hutterite Colonies, and a chicken and dairy barn expansion have played a role in the dramatic increase in permit values this year. He adds equally exciting is the fact 19 housing starts are in the works in the Municipality, with potentially a few more to come before the end of construction season.

Community breakdown as provided by Rhineland Municipality (through July 2017):

Rhineland - $12,010,500
Plum Coulee - $1,408,000
Gretna - $210,000
Rosenfeld - $10,300