The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Group is raising awareness to help spur on new medical breakthroughs for children battling the life-threatening disease.

Board member Naomi Fehr notes they've seen a lack of funding specifically for children-focused treatments.

"They're using the same drugs that have been used for many years, there's nothing new that's come out for childhood cancer, basically they're using the same drugs as they are for adults."

As part of September's Childhood Cancer Awareness month, the support group has been handing out gold ribbons. Because of the outreach, Fehr says they've been able to connect with more families walking the difficult journey of childhood cancer.

She notes, the month also shines a light on the "domino effect" of childhood cancer, from the toll it takes on siblings and finances, to the hopeful moments of human connection between caregivers and friends.

"The main purpose for me posting is to raise awareness," Fehr says. "There are people struggling with all sorts of different issues. I’m not trying to minimize other people’s struggles ... I'm just touching on the ones that have been a part of our reality. I can only share what I’ve experienced. I just want people to be there for other people. Be present. That pretty much sums it up."

A number of local organizations have shown their support by posting photos on social media with staff wearing the gold ribbon.

"It opens up a conversation because people will ask you about it ... it's a method of connecting."

However, next year Fehr has set a goal of presenting every single city and town council in Manitoba with gold ribbons.

"I think I'm biting off more than I can chew, but I think we'll make it work somehow," she says. "We were overwhelmed with how fast this has grown ... next year we will be ordering a lot more pins."