The joy on the faces of children at Canad Inns in Portage last weekend was proof; these kids are stronger than cancer.

The Manitoba Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Group held a family camp this past weekend. Families gathered for games, sharing times, swimming and fireworks.

Denis Foidart has been with Candlelighters for the past 20 years after his own daughter was diagnosed with cancer, and says the family camps are always a special time both for the children and parents.

"The main purpose of the weekend is just to have an opportunity for the parents to make connections," he says. "The greatest support is offered from one another, to one another."

While friends and family are supportive, Foidart says nothing matches the empathy of another family traveling the difficult road of childhood cancer.

"That way you know you are not alone, it is our greatest support and that's what the group is about," Foidart explains. "It's an emotional support which very important, just as important as the medical part."

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and Foidart explains awareness has grown throughout the Province. The gold ribbon is the symbol of childhood cancer.

However, he notes fewer research dollars are spent on childhood cancers than other forms of the disease. He hopes that trend will change.

"Some of these kids that go through cancer... it's amazing how many get involved in the medical field... their contribution to society is going to be amazing," he says.