Executive Director at Winkler Arts and Culture, Jered Hildebrand, is gearing up for summer fun. Children’s Creator Camps will run July 8-26 and Aug 5-23. 

Hildebrand has a variety of activities planned for the summer. 

“Every week will be a little bit different. We have a wide variety of activities that we are planning. Everything from painting to sculpting. And it is summer, so we want to get the kids outside too, so, we're going to include some nature, but it's still going to be art based. We don't think the kids will be bored at all.” 

An in-person registration day has been planned for Tuesday (May 7). Parents can register for one week at a time, giving them the opportunity to enjoy other activities through the summer. 

"We understand that not everybody wants to sign up for the entire summer or for even an entire month, as there might be some vacation plans, so, we try to keep it quite flexible.” 

wa+c creator campChildren learn a variety of creative skills at the camp.

There are two different age groups in the camp. Junior Creators Camp is for ages 5 to 7 and will run in the mornings from 9 - 11 am each weekday. Creator’s Camp, which is ages 8 through 12, will take place 1 - 3 pm each weekday. 

Hildebrand says if parents are not able to pay the $50 registration fee, funding is available. 

“If [parents are] in need of some extra support, contact Chance to Grow or Chance to Camp, through Child and Family Services Foundation. If anyone's wanting more information, it should be on their website, but they're welcome to reach out to us and we can give them the application form as well.” 

Summer art camp one time registration day is Tuesday (May 7) from 10 am – 6 pm. 

"We're going to do an in person only registration day here at Winkler Arts and Culture. It’s first come, first serve. We want to make it accessible to everyone. We understand not everybody has access to the Internet, so we want to give them that opportunity to get here before things start selling out. On May 8th, the day after, we're going to open our registration online at winklerarts.com.” 

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wa+c creator camp